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 Information about the Execution Chamber

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Information about the Execution Chamber Empty
PostSubject: Information about the Execution Chamber   Information about the Execution Chamber EmptyMon Nov 06 2017, 23:40

  • Population: Around 200 counting all the gladiators and workers who live here.
  • Accepted Races: All of them.
  • Present Factions: High Evolutionary, Tribals, Wastelanders, Wildcards, Gladiators, Hunters, Pirates, Raiders.
  • Actual Leader: Kunuilakea.
  • Threat Level: MEDIUM.
  • Dangers: Risk of creatures escaping, Radiation.
  • Creatures found here: Captured Cazaclaws, Trained Mongrels, Captured Feral Ghouls, Crazed Robots, Failed FEV experiments, Mirelurks, Bloodbugs. 
  • Resources present here: Metal, Junk, Soil, Concrete, Food, Water, Nuclear Material.
  • Primary activities: Entertaining the public, Fighting, Training, Trading, Betting.
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Information about the Execution Chamber
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