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 Racial Perks

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PostSubject: Racial Perks   Mon Nov 13 2017, 09:45

Racial Perks are Perks that can only be used by a specific race. Each race has ten racial perks, and those can be upgraded three times each. Racial perks aren't a must have but since they are pretty unique they might give you an advantage over other characters.

Human racial perks makes Human characters more adaptable and better at survival. Ghoul racial perks work with radiation, and make Ghouls near indestructible. Super-Mutant perks turn Super-Mutant characters into walking tanks, sponges of bullets who leave a path of death on their wake. Robot perks let you interface with weapons and machinery in a way more efficient way. Finally, Psyker racial perks are their strange powers, if a Psyker doesn't has any racial perk then it is by all means a human, a weird looking human, but a human nonetheless.

Human Perks:

Ghoul Perks:

Super-Mutant Perks:

Robot Racial Perks:

Psyker Racial Perks:
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Racial Perks
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