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 Armor Mods

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PostSubject: Armor Mods   Tue Nov 14 2017, 23:48

Armor Mods are items that can make your armor more unique and give you a small advantage that might suit your character better or help you in determinate situations. Light Armors can hold up to 2 Mods, Medium Armors 3 and Heavy Armors 5.

Light Armor Mods:
1. Strange Leather: Leather Pads from various origins, they reek of death and might even be made from human skin. -2 to all damage received.
2. Brahmin Leather: Thick leather made from the tanned skin of Brahmins. It is sturdy and flexible. -3 to all damage received.
3. Hard Boiled Leather: The best kind of leather that you can find. It has been boiled and treated using Pre-War techniques and machinery. -5 to all damage received.

Medium Armor Mods:
1. Recycled Kevlar: Fractured Kevlar taken from old private security guard armor, by the looks it seems that it has already received several bullet impacts. -4 to all damage received.
2. Police Kevlar: Kevlar armor that was used before the War by police and riot forces. It is worn but still in pretty good shape. -5 to all damage received.
3. Military Kevlar: Kevlar designed to stop high caliber bullets, shrapnel and energy attacks. It’s in pretty good shape. -7 to all damage received.

Heavy Armor Mods:
1. Iron Plaques: Rust filled plaques of iron that have already been impacted and scratched by several bullets and blades. There is a faint smell of dry blood coming from them, surely blood from its last owner. -6 to all damage received.
2. Steel Plaques: Plaques finely forged and shaped. They fit to your body and armor but are somewhat cumbersome. -7 to all damage received.
3. Titanium Plaques. Titanium armor that easily fits your armor and adapts to almost any shape to offer you great protection. -10 to all damage received.

Perk Boosting Mods:
• Shadowed Armor: +15 to all stealth dice rolls.
• Pocketed Armor: You can carry two extra items.
• Lightweight Armor: +15 to all agility and dodge rolls.
• Durable Armor: Less chance of it breaking after a critical attack.

Status Nullifying Mods:
• Temperature Regulator: Immunity to being frozen. You’ll still suffer damage from Cryo weapons but you will never become frozen.
• pH Neutralizer: Immunity to Acid corrosion. You’ll still suffer damage from Acid weapons but your equipment will never corrode and break.
• Anti-shock pads: Immunity to Electric Paralysis. You’ll still suffer damage from Tesla weapons but you will never become paralyzed.
• Asbestos lining: Immunity to Afterburning. You’ll still suffer damage from Pyro weapons but you will never catch of fire.

• Artificial Muscle Bundles: These wiry tubes can be placed over the armor and across your spine, arms and legs. They use electric shocks to bend or straighten and imitate your movements, helping you hit harder. +1 STR
• Mate Dust: Your armor has been covered with a special black dust that absorbs light, avoiding your armor from shining and blinding you. +1 PER
• Strange Canteen: Somehow this canteen signed with the name R. Sanchez has made into your hands. The liquid inside isn’t water but some sugary and sour substance that seems to refill on its own and gives you energy. +1 END.
• Pre-War Accessories: These items range in appearance but they all were designed Pre-War and help making you look more humane and charismatic. They can be a flower, a tie, some pins and so on. They are accessories that made people unique before the war. + 1 CHA
• Pocket Books: A set of two miniature books that easily fit in your pockets. One is a Encyclopedia while the other is a Dictionary. They allow you to understand things better and faster. +1 INT
• Flexible clothes: Under your armor your clothes have been adapted to be made from a flexible material, giving you a better range of movement even if you are wearing heavy armor. +1 AGL
• Lucky charm: A lucky charm is any item that is believed to carry luck. It can be a small vial of sand, a coin, a four leaf clover or even the mutated toe of some abominable creature. +1 LCK
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Armor Mods
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