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 Hawaiian Radroach

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PostSubject: Hawaiian Radroach   Fri Nov 17 2017, 02:43

Name: Radroach

Locations: Anywhere damp and dark enough, places like tunnels and abandoned basements.

Sexual Differences: None appreciable.

Possible Mutations: All of them.

Description: Radroaches are creatures descended from their smaller and unmutated brethen, the cockroaches. The radiation from the war mutated these insects into gigantic proportions. Just like before the war they are considered little more than pests, albeit nowadays some poor people consume their slimy flesh.  


• 00-30 -- The Radroach feels scared and flees.
• 31-60 -- The Radroach's bite fails
• 61-80 --  The Radroach bites your ankles. -3 HP
• 81-90 -- The Radroach leaps and bites your stomach. -6 HP.
• 91-100 -- The Radroach leaps and manages to introduce a strange prosboscis on your flesh, afterward it flees. The attack has introduced eggs on your body, the creatures will painfully grow inside and ultimately claw their way out. Find some medical help or else in 2 days you will lose 25 HP.

Health Points: 8 Health Points.

Loot: Mutated Blood, Radroach Meat, Radroach eggs.

Height: Variable, but not more than 8 inches.

Weight: Variable, but not more than 7 pounds.

Hair: Doesn't possess any type of hair.

Eyes: Two big black beads that are slimy and hard to hold, if squeezed they squirt a yellowish liquid rich in protein.

Skin: Their bodies are covered in a hard foul smelling chitin. This shell is sticky to the touch and thick yet soft. The skin itself isn't edible but the meat underneath it yes, albeit it isn't palatable at all.

Other details: Killing them with a laser will make their charred and half melted bodies smell like burnt caramel.


Psychological Description:
They are cowardly yet cunning. If they are discovered they might run away unless they overwhelm their enemies in number. They are afraid of the dark and fire.

Reproduction: They lay eggs, these eggs require to be somewhere warm and damp and will grow to approximately the size of a plum, then the newborns inside will crawl out and search for food. If they cannot find food they will devour their own mother or each other.

Lifespan: Unknown.

Experience Points: 20.
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Hawaiian Radroach
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