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 Animalistic Centaur

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PostSubject: Animalistic Centaur   Sun Nov 26 2017, 05:47

Name: Animalistic Centaurs

Locations: In the jungles of the big island of Hawaii and located deep under Kunuilakea's fortress.

Sexual Differences: These creatures are a mixture of multiple animals and people, it will usually have both female and male genitalia and features.  

Possible Mutations: All of them.

Description: The Super-Mutant supremacists of the High Evolutionary are always attempting to convert fit and strong people into their own kind. The success rate is rather low and when the members of the group see that someone is assured to fail the transformation they decide to dump other failed test subjects, animals and even the leftlovers of their feasts of meat into the Forced Evolutionary Virus vat to at least turn the resulting monster into something useful for the faction. The result is a grotesque abomination who combines all the characteristics of the dumped creatures and people. These creatures cannot always sustain life, sometimes they are so mutated that their bodies simply dessist and cease breathing, even in those cases the corpse isn't trashed away and is simply presented against the test subjects that have successfully transformed so they can take part in their first gore feast.

Centaurs who can live are either caged to be used as war beasts or deployed across the jungles of Hawaii to act as hunting prey and harden the tribals that inhabit in there.

Most centaurs have two patterns of attack, violently ramming and slashing or attacking from a distance by violently vomiting a mixture of saliva, blood, stomach acid and shit.

Melee Attacks:
• 00-30 -- The Centaur violently spasms and suffers extreme pains, becoming stunned for 1 turn.
• 31-60 -- The Centaur's claws fails reaching you.
• 61-80 -- The Centaur's claws hit you. -30 HP.
• 81-90 -- The Centaur's claws hits you hard. -50 HP.
• 91-100 - The Centaur's claws deeply sink into your body, the creature then grabs your guts and eats them with one of their many mouths- -75 HP, the creature recovers 50 HP.

Ranged Attacks:
• 00-30 -- The Centaur's stomach regurgitates but its strange bile fails to eject, so the Centaur simply vomits on itself, its own acid starts melting its body and it loses 20 HP.
• 31-60 -- The Centaur's acidic vomit fails hitting you.
• 61-80 -- The Centaur's acidic vomit hits you. -20 HP, +10 RP.
• 81-90 -- The Centaur's acidic vomit hits you hard. -40 HP +20 RP.
• 91-100 - The Centaur's vomit covers you completely, -60 HP +40 RP. The stench is so big that it paralyses you for one turn.

Health Points: 125

Loot: Mutated Blood, Human Meat, Animal Meat.

Height: Variable, but not more than 8 feet.

Weight: Variable, but not more than 600 pounds.

Hair: They are normally bald but they can have patches of hair here and there.

Eyes: Many or none, these can be both animal and human in nature.

Skin: Their bodies have many tumors and other skin diseases.

Other details: There aren't two equal. They might mimic human speech or animal sounds but they aren't truly sentient.


Psychological Description:
They are in constant pain, which makes them aggressive, wild, dangerous and impossible to tame.

Reproduction: They are sterile.

Lifespan: Unknown.

Experience Points: 500.
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Animalistic Centaur
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