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PostSubject: Mutalligator   Sun Nov 26 2017, 14:22

Name: Mutalligator

Locations: Swamps, bogs, sewers, caves and some beaches.

Sexual Differences: Females might have some bright red feathers across their spine and tail.  

Possible Mutations: All of them except Freezing.

Description: Like many other creatures that now roam the wasteland Mutalligators started as an experimental biological weapon genetically engineered by the military to infest the many rivers of China and create chaos. They escaped containment and started multiplying and expanding as time went on.

Their bodies are an abhorrent mixture of several reptiles, snakes and there is even some dinosaur DNA inside of them. They are extremely lethal, bloodthirsty and stealthy and are considered to be Hawaii's apex predator along with Super Mutants and Cazaclaws.

Melee Attacks:

• 00-30 -- The Mutalligator doesn't attack and simply snaps at the air or growls softly.
• 31-60 -- The Mutalligator attempts to bite your feet but misses.
• 61-80 --  The Mutalligator manages to bite your legs and the retreats. -35 HP
• 81-90 -- The Mutalligator sinks his long teeth on your legs and rips out some of your flesh which it is quickly devoured. -70 HP, the creature regains +50 HP.
• 91-100 -- The Mutalligator violently bites your two legs with one singular chomp, it drags you around like a ragdoll doll for some painful seconds and the drops you off, making you fly for some seconds before landing down. -200 HP, stunned for one turn, both legs crippled.

Health Points: 1000

Loot: Mutalligator Teeth, Mutalligator Meat, Mutalligator Skin, Feathers, Mutated Blood, Human Meat, Animal Meat.

Height: Variable, but not more than 10 feet counting from the tip of their head to the tip of their tails.

Weight: Variable, but not more than 800 pounds.

Hair: They lack hair.

Eyes: Two reptilian eyes with incredibly good sight.

Skin: Covered in hard scales and very precious among tribals and merchants.

Other details:

  • Due to their scales they suffer 50% less of all damages except Cryo damage.
  • Due to their cold blood they lose the 50% damage resistance during Winter.
  • Due to their cold blood they need heat to survive so they are especially vulnerable to Cryo weapons. They receive X3 damage from these type of weapons.


Psychological Description:
They are savage yet intelligent creatures, they are known to avoid fights or settlements that might prove to be too dangerous to them.

Reproduction: They are ovovivipary creatures, this is that they lay eggs, but these eggs stay inside of their bodies until they are ready to hatch.

Lifespan: Approximately 50 years.

Experience Points: 1100.
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