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 Hello! Or, uh, Aloha!

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Leilani Kelekolio

Leilani Kelekolio

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PostSubject: Hello! Or, uh, Aloha!   Tue Nov 28 2017, 12:54

Hi! So, I saw this place on Reddit and I was blown away! While it is a little rough around, so far it looks like a fantastically made game with real passion and love put into it. I won't be around for as long as I would like, but while I'm here I'm gonna do my best to have some fun with ya'll!
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PostSubject: Re: Hello! Or, uh, Aloha!   Tue Nov 28 2017, 12:56

Hey there! It doesn't matters if you don't have a lot of free time, if you participate in an adventure you will have up to 48 hours to answer before your turn is skipped.
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Hello! Or, uh, Aloha!
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