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 I bring you greetings from Apple World!

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PostSubject: I bring you greetings from Apple World!   Tue Nov 28 2017, 14:59

Howdy! My name's Puff, i've been roleplaying for a majority of my life, which is quite sad looking back on it. As of last year i've started getting into the Warhammer 40k Series, and have ran a few 40krpg games between then and now. I found out about this project on Reddit and decided to give it a try. I grabbed my first fallout game (Fallout 3) back in 2010, when I was eight years old, and have loved the series ever since.
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Leilani Kelekolio

Leilani Kelekolio

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PostSubject: Re: I bring you greetings from Apple World!   Tue Nov 28 2017, 15:52

Ay, welcome. I'm fairly new myself but I've grasped the site pretty quickly. You got any questions just ask, brah.
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I bring you greetings from Apple World!
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