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 Atom - Wasteland Ghoul

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PostSubject: Atom - Wasteland Ghoul   Tue Nov 28 2017, 18:25

Name: Atom (He cannot remember his name before the war)

Age: 285+ (He cannot remember his exact age)

Race: Ghoul - Chem's have 50% less effect on Ghouls/Ghouls don't need to eat or drink as long as they have 500 radiation points or more

Gender: Male

Karma: Neutral

Faction: Raider


Strength:  07
Perception:   01
Endurance:    12
Charisma:     01
Intelligence:  02
Agility:    10
Luck:   03

Level: 1

Berserk Meltdown: If you have 1000 Points of Radiation you can enter into a Berserk state where you will be immune to any kind of damage, do twice as damage and be able to attack two times per turn. During this time you will be completely feral and unable to stand to reason, attacking even your allies if there isn’t anybody else. The first level will let you be in this state for 1 turn, the second for 2 and the third level for 4 turns.

Living Beacon: As long as your Radiation Points are more than 800 your body will start to emit a sickly green radioactive light. This light will slowly regenerate your life but make you fail all your Sneak, Steal, Speech and Barter dice rolls as people are either able to see you from a distance and up close the light you emit scares and repulses people. The first level gives you 10 HP regeneration each turn, the second 25 HP and the third 50 HP.

Height: 5'9

Weight: 140 lbs

Body type: Wiry

Hair style: Bald

Eyes: Milky white, bloodshot

Skin color: Green with rot/radiation exposure.

Psychical Description: Atom could easily be mistaken for a feral ghoul, though one with a bit more gear on them. He walks with a slow, lumbering stride, his movements slow and lazy...as if he could barely make the effort to do so. Only in combat does he awaken, moving with surprising swiftness and agility, using his claws and teeth as natural weapons.

Main Weapon: Unarmed (Ghoul claws?)
Secondary Weapon: Unarmed (Ghoul teeth?)
Helmet: Dirty pink bicycle helmet
Mask: None
Goggles: None
Clothes & Armor: Tattered rags, Worn leather armor.
Backpack: U.S Army Dufflebag
First Accessory: Flashlight
Second Accessory: Lighter

Defect of the Character: Due to decades spent in isolation, Atom is not exactly what they would call..."stable". On the verge of going totally feral, his personality can go from calm, almost seeming to be ignoring or indifferent to the events surrounding him, to raging, howling with glee as he rushes off to tear into the flesh of what he perceives to be a threat.

Aspirations: Decades upon decades spent in isolation have given have reduced Atom to a ghoul left with only the barest of emotions left. Out of all them, Atom still remembers the cause of his isolation and incarceration: The Law. Atom desires to destroy any remnants of "The Law", though whatever that may be in his rotten, radiated mind, is difficult to determine.

Background story: Young Adam Kingsley was a young thug, trying to make a living during the difficult times he faces as a Hawaiian living on an island full of racism and hate. He was always and angry child, growing up surrounded by other angry children that later turned into Angry, angsty teens, Adam made a name for himself as a petty criminal, roughing up drunks and old woman for their purses, and brutally beating on any who resisted him. It was not long before he was caught by the military police, and sentenced to life imprisonment for punching a Military Police officer in the face...I guess being Asian did not help, eh?

When the bombs fell, it was just another day for Adam, as he looked out from his cell and watched as the lights flicker out, and his world grow dark. Adam did not know what to make of it, alone in the darkness...time seemed to pass...how long, he did not know. He grew hungry, for how long? He did not know...his mind wandered, reliving tales from the radio, or old books he had read in the library...why was he still here? More time...so dark...so alone...silence was his only company, until..LIGHT! A crack in the wall...explosion, further cracking the wall of his cell. He fled the light at first, but, slowly overcame his fear. He began tearing away at the crack, freeing himself from his prison, and escaping into the world beyond.

His mind almost broken by his hundreds of years spent alone, he could hardly remember his name, much less anything else...It was luck that kept the Raider gang that had taken over the former prison from killing him, recognizing that he had the dim spark of intelligence in his eyes, no matter how small the amount was left. Though they enjoyed his savage, bloodthirsty nature, they found themselves wary of the ghoul. Atom sensed this, and decided to strike out on his own, for the Wasteland was full of death, and Atom, as became to be known, was just another source of it..
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Bad Karma

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PostSubject: Re: Atom - Wasteland Ghoul   Wed Nov 29 2017, 16:16

A very good character sheet, you have my approval.

The overseer will determine your equipment and caps, though I don't expect your equipment to change all that much.
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Bad Karma

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PostSubject: Re: Atom - Wasteland Ghoul   Thu Nov 30 2017, 12:17

Character Accepted!

Here is your inventory:

Main Weapon: Unarmed (Ghoul claws)
Secondary Weapon: Unarmed (Ghoul teeth)
Helmet: Dirty pink bicycle helmet [This will count as a metal helmet]
Mask: None
Goggles: None
Clothes & Armor: Tattered rags, Worn leather armor. [Counts as leather armor but -1 point of defense]
Backpack: U.S Army Dufflebag
First Accessory: Flashlight
Second Accessory: Lighter

Primary Unarmed damage table (Claws)

 0-15: Your swing misses.
16-25: You grab your target and can bite them using your secondary. 0 Hit Points from primary.
26-40: You hit your target but you are unable to sustain the attack. 26 Hit Points.
41-65: You hit your target and follow it up with a second strike. 52 Hit Points.
66-85: You land a triple strike against your target. 78 Hit Points.
86-100: You are able to get on top of the target and unleash a flurry of savage strikes. 104 Hit Points.

Secondary Unarmed damage table (Teeth)

0-15: Your bite misses or is ineffective.
16-25: You are able to graze them with your teeth. 6 Hit Points.
26-40: You are able to sink your teeth into your target, but not for long. 16 hit points.
41-65: You are able to get a significant bite of the target, holding on for longer than they like. 32 Hit points.
66-85: You clamp your strong jaws around the target and thrash around like an angry animal. 48 Hit Points.
86-100: You sink your teeth into the jugular of your enemy, biting down hard and wrenching them around like a rag doll. 80 Hit Points.

Bonuses & Stats:

Base HP: 99
Base Attack: 21

Leather Armor Bonus:

+5 Attack damage

4 Points of defense to melee and unarmed damage

Bike Helmet Bonus:

2 Points of defense to unarmed and melee damage
2 Points of defense to ballistic damage
1 point of defense to energy damage

Roll Bonuses:

+26 on all melee and unarmed rolls [STR+LCK+Armor Bonus]

+20 to any agility roll [AGL]

+28 HP with each level up [END+LCK+GHOUL RACE]

-7 needed for critical hit [PER+LCK]

+5 on all diplomacy dice rolls [CHA+LCK]

+5 to all rolls related to working, hacking, or repairing technology [INT+LCK]

+5 to all rolls related with science [INT+LCK]

+2 to all rolls related to healing yourself or other people [INT]

+23 to all rolls related to dodging or agility feats [AGL+LCK]

Since your character is well done I will use a 2d100 roll to determine your caps.

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Bad Karma

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PostSubject: dice roll   Thu Nov 30 2017, 12:20

I will now determine your caps.
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PostSubject: dice roll   Thu Nov 30 2017, 12:20

The member 'Bad Karma' has done the following action : Dices roll

'1d100' : 81, 73
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Bad Karma

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PostSubject: Re: Atom - Wasteland Ghoul   Thu Nov 30 2017, 12:21

You will start off with 154 caps, not bad!
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PostSubject: Re: Atom - Wasteland Ghoul   

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Atom - Wasteland Ghoul
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