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 John Green

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PostSubject: John Green   Tue Nov 28 2017, 18:38

Name: John Green

Age: 18

Race: Psyker

Gender: Male

Karma: Good

Faction: Wildcard

Reputation: Nearly unknown. Regarded as odd by those he interacts with.


Strength: 3
Perception:  7
Endurance:  5
Charisma:  2
Intelligence: 10
Agility:  5
Luck:  8

Level: 1

Faunamancy 1
Boy Scout

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 190lbs

Body type: Completely average.

Hair style: No real style. Long, mud-filled brown hair.

Eyes: Droopy right eyelid. Both eyes are a dark green color at most times but occasionally turn to a dark, blue-ish gray color.

Skin color: Pale skin with a reddish tint. Mostly covered in dirt. Has freckles and pimples but they are hard to see through the dirt.

Psychical Description: Somewhat afraid of the dark. Loves animals. Motivated simply by the want to help people and animals in need. Being very awkward around people makes this difficult though and often leads to self-deprecation.


  • Main Weapon: Small pouch filled with jagged rocks. Has a rather long string wrapped around it that allows it to be tied to a stick to form a makeshift flail.
  • Secondary Weapon: A hefty stick with a large, knotted end. Used as a walking stick out of combat.
  • Helmet: Frying pan held in place by rope.
  • Clothes: Loose fitting cargo shorts and a t-shirt. Both have small holes in them and are covered in mud to hide his scent.
  • Backpack: A large blanket with the ends tied to form a sack. When setting up a camp, the blanket may be untied for normal uses.
  • First Accessory: In his pack he has a small bag of dog treats.
  • Second Accessory: Has a long, thin rope wrapped around his waist.

Defect of the Character: Doesn't always think things through. Lacks confidence

Aspirations: Wishes to find his mother or at least learn of her fate. Additionally, he wants to tame a large creature.

Other details: He is a Christian. Prefers to act lazy when possible.

Background story: John's earliest memory was of him being shouted at by some people. He didn't remember their faces but his mother had told him that it was his grandparents. He'd ask his mother why and she'd tell him "None of that matters John, they are just jealous of how special you are." As a small child he didn't understand what she meant but as he got older, he started to realize what she meant by calling him special. He had a way with animals. He found that he could get some birds and cats to even grab him some food. His mother would smile and say that it was God's gift and that he was blessed to be able to communicate with all of God's children. As a young boy this filled John's heart with joy. He began befriending all the animals he could. Birds, cats, and dogs all began gathering around their farm as John played and fed these animals. One day John's life changed. A man showed up and clearly surprised his mother. She gasped and told John to wait outside. After a while John was finally called back in. His mother set him down and told him who this was. His father. Imagine the look on the boy's face. He was 12 years old and suddenly he is meeting face to face with his father for the first time. He was shocked. He was filled with anger. He was filled with joy. He didn't know how to react and all he could say was "Why now?" The man, no his FATHER laughed and began explaining things. He was a pirate that had come by here many years ago looking to actually rob the folks here with his crew. Things changed because of a certain young woman who caught his attention. He spoke of how he had wanted to stay but was called away by his 'work' and was unable to visit. He had gone on a voyage to the mainland. John couldn't believe it. Several years went by with his father telling stories of what he saw and fights he was in. John wanted to hate what he did but he was to amazed by the stories to truly care where the family's money was coming from. Life was at an all time high when John was 16 years old. John's mother had gotten pregnant and the boy began scavenging for food in her stead, using his gift to have animals help him search. One day, after a particularly successful day of scavenging, John returned home to his house being on fire. He panicked and rushed inside to see his father dead on the floor. He called for his mother but the smoke became too much. He had to go back out. He cried for two days straight, with rain pouring down and even the animals seemed to have abandoned him. When he finally got back to his senses he searched the ruins of his house. His mother wasn't there. He wiped away his tears and gathered up what he could find before setting off to find his mother. He has searched for her for two years with no luck but he hasn't given up yet. (Did I overdo it with the backstory?)
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PostSubject: Re: John Green   Thu Nov 30 2017, 03:21

Character Accepted!

I've changed your username to John Green. Also relax, your story is all good. Here are the items that your character will ultimately have:

  • Main Weapon: Primitive Bow
  • Secondary Weapon: Frying Pan
  • Helmet: Cooking Pot ( Counts as Metal Helmet )
  • Mask: Brahmin Bone Mask
  • Goggles: Nothing
  • Clothes: Loose fitting cargo shorts and a t-shirt. Both have small holes in them and are covered in mud to hide his scent.
  • Armor: Nothing.
  • Backpack: Medium Blanket Backpack (+4 Items)
  • Item 1: Nothing
  • Item 2: Nothing
  • Item 3: Nothing
  • Item 4: Nothing
  • First Accessory: Game Console: This small portable console will keep your mind busy and distracted from the horrors of the wasteland. As long you have it you will never be able to surpass 50% of insanity points.
  • Second Accessory:   
  • Other: Bag of Dog treats and a long rope.

Primitive Bow Dice Roll Tables:

Frying Pan's Dice Roll Tables:

Your Bonuses:
+9+8= +17 on all melee and unnarmed attack dice rolls [STR + LCK BONUS]
+3+14+8= +25 on all ranged attack dice rolls [STR + PER + LCK +ARMOR BONUS]
-7 Needed to score a critical hit [ PER BONUS ]
+10 HP with each LV Up [ END BONUS ]
+2+8= +11 on all diplomacy dice rolls [ CHA + LCK BONUS ]
Objects are 10 caps cheaper [ CHA BONUS ]
+10+8= +18 to all dice rolls related with working, hacking or repairing technology [ INT + LCK BONUS ]
+10+8= +18 to all dice rolls related with science [ INT + LCK BONUS ]
+10+8 = +18 to all dice roll related to dodging or doing agility feats [ AGL + LCK BONUS ]
+5 to melee attack dice rolls [ BONE MASK BONUS ]
+10+5 to all dice rolls related to cooking in a fireplace, hiding from creatures, taming creatures, searching for drinkable water and searching for food. [END + BOY SCOUT PERK BONUS ]

Armor Bonuses:
• Protection against melee and unarmed weapons: 2+3= 4 points of damage.
• Protection against ballistic weapons: 2 points of damage.
• Protection against energy weapons: 1+1 = 2 points of damage.
• Protection against explosives: Nothing.

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PostSubject: Re: John Green   Thu Nov 30 2017, 03:36

I'll now do a 1d100 dice roll to calculate the quantity of caps you start with.
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PostSubject: Re: John Green   Thu Nov 30 2017, 03:36

The member 'Overseer' has done the following action : Dices roll

'1d100' : 42
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PostSubject: Re: John Green   

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John Green
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