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 General of Ohana armor

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PostSubject: General of Ohana armor   Thu Nov 30 2017, 15:18

The armor of a General of the island nation of Ohana. Incredibly rare, incredibly strong, and incredibly valuable. The only way to obtain this armor is to slay a general in battle. Or steal it from his armory. Wear this armor and all who see you will take a step back. But beware, this armor may bring you great fame, it will also bring you great peril. You will become the talk of the islands and when word gets to Ohana's actual generals that someone is wearing their uniform? Well, you'll have the fight of your life on your hands.

  • Protection against melee and unarmed weapons: 15 points of damage.

  • Protection against ballistic weapons: 5 points of damage.

  • Protection against energy weapons: 10 points of damage.

  • Protection against explosives: 5 points of damage.

  • Grants: +15 to all attack dice rolls.  

Value: 2500 Caps.
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General of Ohana armor
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