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 Webly The Robot

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PostSubject: Webly The Robot   Thu Nov 30 2017, 16:12

Name: Webly (although he prefers to be called web)

Age: 233

Race: Robot (Mr.handy)

Gender: Male

Karma: Neutral

Faction: Wildcard



Strength: 5
Perception: 7
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 5

Level: Everybody starts at Level 1.

Perks: Magnetized Body , Weapon Specialization: Laser's

Height: Eight feet tall when measured from arms to eyestock 6 feet tall when hovering

Weight: 100 lbs

Body type: A moderately normal Mr.handy aside from having 1 extra arm with 2 being combatant and the others for less violent purposes .

Eyes: Three: Black with white iris's also works as a moderately bright flashlight.

Skin color: Matte Grey , some rusting  although it is very negligible, he has very little dirt on his frame.

Other: His combatant arm's are mod-able in that if he has the parts and schematics he can modify a weapon to be usable on them they other wise work exactly the same.

Psychical Description: He is happy to be in the company of mutants and other robots.
He tries to spend as little time as possible in settlements with a large pres-sense of humans.
Beware that he does have a noticeable disdain for humans
He will not Take kindly to being treated like an object/lesser Being.  
He likes to tinker on weapons and other ways to improve himself.


Main weapon: Laser rifle  
Secondary weapon: Mr.handy buzz-saw.
Helmet: None.
Mask: None .
Goggles: None.
Clothes: None.
Armor: Titanium alloy body plating not really combat armour.
Backpack: Small backpack.
First Accessory: Basic repair kit.
Second Accessory: Lucky charm
Other: Various Holotapes about ai's.

Defect of Character: He has a strange obsession with anything related to pre-war tech even if it would be useless today as well as collecting any holotape he can find (if there not owned of course.).

He also can not kill under any circumstances non combatants ex: civilians, people who have been critically wounded and are no longer fighting as well as other intelligent robots.    

Aspirations: To find or make a place that treats all non humans fairly.

Other Details: If by chance he encounters any wandering robot's who do not attack him he offers to repair them and offer to let them join him on his journey .

Background Story: It all starts with a group of people in Illinois who had found a old busted Mr.handy in an old shopping center.
Seeing as they needed more robot's they hauled him back retrofit him with new parts removing the old busted artificial personality core and added some of their own unique touch's fixed him up using both Mr.handy and Gutsy parts and was used as both a general purpose bot and on rare occasions a Military combat bot.

He was given programming that would improve his abilities at any given task although that had the side effect of making him self aware.

So for a while it went just like that business as usual routinely being treated like a machine and nothing else on the same day to day task's the only way he could cope would be when he was recharging.
Because he wasn't supervised he would routinely access the towns database and read about all the Pre-war tech that was here. It was an obsession of his always wanting to find out more about himself and the old world usually spending all of his free tine examining them , tinkering with them , finding out what made them tick.
It was a very passionate Hobby of his seeing as it gave him knowledge , a purpose and a way to take his mind off his master's so he wouldn't think about butchering them all.
It also lead to him wanting to escape one day to make or search for a place where he would be welcome to live in where no one could treat him like any old robot but instead treated as an individual. Now that was his true goal.

This process continued until one day while recharging the town was attacked in a surprise raid that bypassed all their defenses the town was losing badly.
Having no other foreseeable options they gave him the codes and woke him up knowing very that this could blow up in their faces.
Chief of Security Mr.Hanolyn  who was the last official security officer still standing directed him to the armory and had him suit up. Once finished they left and headed towards what was left of the Marketplace Webly did notice a rather large hole in the Perimeter being about 3 feet over his head  
(Hanolyn is about 6 feet tall) having seen it he took a mental note of it for later.

Moving on however just as they were about to arrive.....  BANG the Chief without a word crumpled to the ground blood and brain matter everywhere knowing there was no way for the chief to sill be alive and having no interest in staying here he took his chance while many people that regularly would insult him watched. He ran fast and smoothly passed through barrier and then just ran and ran and ran having finally escaped that past life of his and leaving them to their hopefully awful fate.

Having left that life of his behind he looked for answer's about who and what he was becoming a scholar of sorts he searched the wasteland for knowledge and answer's. He lived in countless during his adventures he sadly never truly felt welcome only really ever feeling happy.
He only ever did when he was in the company of the of what the humans would call Sub-Human's.
Usually staying with them for a few years then leaving to find more knowledge . Over his travels though he had heard about a new and unknown territory supposedly full of new and untapped tech of a Bygone age he got everything he owned which was not a lot then found someone with a sea worthy boat paid them and set fourth for these new untamed lands.          

PS: I am new at this so sorry if it's got a lot of errors.

Last edited by Villa Survivor on Fri Dec 08 2017, 23:47; edited 19 times in total (Reason for editing : Grammar, 2 details need fixing other details that might not make sense)
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Bad Karma

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PostSubject: Re: Webly The Robot   Sun Dec 03 2017, 16:49

Okay, so the base robot has to be an existing robot. Either a Mr. Handy, Mr. Gutsy, Protectron, Sentry Bot, Assaultron, etc. It can't be a custom robot. I will accept a heavily modified robot, but not an original.

Also, no pip-boy and you can only have one weapon.
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Bad Karma

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PostSubject: Re: Webly The Robot   Sun Dec 03 2017, 16:57

Also, you have about 7 points too many in your special. It should total to 43.
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Villa Survivor


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PostSubject: Re: Webly The Robot   Mon Dec 04 2017, 11:41

ok that should be every thing you mentioned,
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Bad Karma

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PostSubject: Re: Webly The Robot   Thu Dec 07 2017, 16:54

Okay, so, you say he'll return kindness if it's shown to him but he has a disdain for humans? Also he likes small villages and tight nit groups? Villages are usually full of humans. Some contradictions there.

Okay, so you're backstory is confusing. The chief was killed in a raid and Webly just...ran? What was he even programmed for? Was he programmed at all by the town that found him? Try to fix that.

There also seems to be random apostrophes and capitalization that needs to be fixed.
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PostSubject: Re: Webly The Robot   

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Webly The Robot
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