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 Character progression

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PostSubject: Character progression   Thu Nov 30 2017, 16:37

Balancing player progression is tough, you don't want the player to have to grind to the point it's not fun, but you also don't want this ramp up to god mode. My concern is relating to perks. The way it's set up now, you're penalizedfor not maxing out your intelligence, with a cost of late game character building. Ie, if you're a bruiser who puts all of his points into strength, endurance, and agility, you will lose in the late game against a bruiser who has maxed out his int, because he will have i think more than double your perks. My idea is this: make every 10th level a milestone that rewards you with a perk point. This will help low int players come online for the late game, while high in't players already have enough perks that 10 extra won't matter.
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PostSubject: Re: Character progression   Thu Nov 30 2017, 22:04

It's not a bad idea. Lets see, if each character had a perk every 10 levels regardless of their INT it would end like this:

15 INT: Perk every Level. (Maximum obtainable Perks 103)
13-14 INT: Perk every 2 Levels. (Maximum obtainable Perks 62, Originally it was 53)
10-12 INT: Perk every 3 Levels. (Maximum obtainable Perks 43, Originally it was 37)
7-9 INT: Perk every 4 Levels. (Maximum obtainable Perks 37, Originally it was 28)
4-6 INT: Perk every 5 Levels. (Maximum obtainable Perks 32, Originally it was 23)
2-3 INT: Perk every 6 Levels. (Maximum obtainable Perks 28 Originally it was 19)
1 INT: Perk every 7 Levels. (Maximum obtainable Perks 25, Originally it was 17)

As you can see people gain more perks, but the difference is not so noticeable, I'll talk it with the other admins and discuss adding your idea.
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Character progression
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