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 9mm Submachine Gun

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9mm Submachine Gun Empty
PostSubject: 9mm Submachine Gun   9mm Submachine Gun EmptyFri Dec 01 2017, 17:34

The versatile and compact 9mm SMG. Not exactly the most reliable of weapons, but it's easy to carry, excellent for fights in tight spaces, can pack a punch, and has multiple use ammo. Favorites of reputable Hunters like Kai 'Akamu, this weapon is widespread across the Hawaiian wasteland.

9mm Submachine Gun 640?cb=20130519081021

Weapon Stats:

Since the weapon is automatic during your combat turn you can select to fire single shots and roll a 1d100 or do small bursts of 5 shots and roll a 5d100.
Weapon's Dice Roll Tables:
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9mm Submachine Gun
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