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 NPCs and Instant Death

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Luke Blackwell

Luke Blackwell

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PostSubject: NPCs and Instant Death   NPCs and Instant Death EmptyFri Dec 01 2017, 19:43

Before this gets kicked off too much, I'm seeing a bit of a future issue with basic enemies instant-killing players.

Just for some statistics. It seems like your basic level one character will start with a +15-20 on their attacks, for the moment, it seems like this holds true for most NPCs as well.

Basically, there's a 15% chance that your basic grunt will instantly kill a character with any given attack, meaning an average character can only suffer 6-7 attacks before being instantly killed. It seems like there might be dodge saves involved as well, so if we can assume a 60 roll to succeed, with an average boost of about 15, means you have a 65% chance of dodging a super-critical attacks.

.15 * .45 = .098

Above, I've multiplied the chance of an NPC making a super-critical with the chance of a player failing their dodge. The end result is not much better, your average character can survive 10-11 attacks on average before being instantly killed.

Especially considering the effort that people put into their characters, along with the effort the mods go about approving them, I think this constitutes a problem.

To solve this, I have a few solutions, any one will work:
1) Reduce or eliminate attack roll modifiers for most, if not all NPCs. - Might help them be a little less deadly
2) Cap the maximum attack roll an NPC can make at 99. - Probably reasonably doable.
3) Institute a "Mojave Courier" special save against criticals, using Luck - More abstract, but not all that bad.
4) Cap the maximum attack roll on basic weapons at 99 - Lots of effort, but might give more incentive to get high level gear.

Anyway, just wanted to put this out there!
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NPCs and Instant Death Empty
PostSubject: Re: NPCs and Instant Death   NPCs and Instant Death EmptyFri Dec 01 2017, 23:16

That's what the Hi'iaka Systems are for. They are some Institute style secret underground laboratories in where the scientists research in cloning and life extending tech. More info here: http://fallout-nukaloha.forumotion.com/f18-o-ahu

In case a character dies abruptly or in a unfair death we the Admins will give you the chance of being "revived" by them. But this won't come cheap, you'll have to complete a quest for them.
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NPCs and Instant Death
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