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 Giant Hermit Crab

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PostSubject: Giant Hermit Crab   Fri Dec 01 2017, 23:53

Name: Giant Hermit Crab

Locations: Swamps, bogs, caves and some beaches.

Sexual Differences: None know. 

Possible Mutations: All except gigantism.

Description: Hermit crabs were one of the smaller species of crab before the Great War. They were notorious and named so because they used shells and other empty containers as homes and place to hide and changed every time they grown too big for their actual home.

The Radiation of the Great War has mutated these creatures to gigantic sizes and now, the only things that can store their bodies are old vehicles.

They aren't violent but will feel threatened every time one gets close to them, something which can be problematic due to them usually being hidden inside of their metallic shells. More than one unsuspecting traveler has suddenly discovered that what it thought to be an empty ruinous car is instead the home of a giant crab.

Unlike other creatures even if they become hostile they will not follow their enemies and will cease any attacking as long as they are left alone and people respect their territory.

Melee Attacks:
• 00-30 -- The Crab snaps the air with its powerful pincers and emits a high pitched scream, it wants you to back off.
• 31-60 -- The Crab attempts to clamp your limbs but fails.
• 61-80 --  The Crab violently clamps onto one of your limbs. -30 HP.
• 81-90 -- The Crab violently clamps onto your chest, several tons of pressure weighting down upon your ribs and internal organs. -70 HP.
• 91-100 -- The Crab clamps upon your chest, smashes you against the floor several times and then to add injury steamrolls you with his powerful legs and car chassis. -180 HP.

Health Points: 2000

Loot: Metal, Crab Meat, Hardened Chitin.

Height: Variable but it can go up to 7 feet.

Weight: Variable, but not more than 2500 pounds.

Hair: They lack hair.

Eyes: Two small black beads, very hard to aim into.

Skin: A soft and very rich meat covered by hard chitinous plaques who can be several inches thick.

Other details:

  • They have a 10 points of damage resistance to all types of damage.


Psychological Description:
Even if their bodies have drastically changed they are still the same scared creatures that they were before the fall of the bombs. They are afraid of anything that isn't like them but won't actively seek and attack other creatures. If left alone they will be peaceful.

Reproduction: They lay eggs but these eggs are stored inside their own vehicle and once they hatch the crab will travel to a beach, leave the vehicle, drop all the newborn on the sands and return to the vehicle to take care of them all.

Lifespan: Approximately 75 years.

Experience Points: 1400.
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Giant Hermit Crab
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