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 Mosquito Bloodbugs

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PostSubject: Mosquito Bloodbugs   Sat Dec 02 2017, 00:12

Name: Bloodbugs

Locations: Pretty much anywhere that isn't civilized and populated by humans.  

Sexual Differences: Females are bigger.

Possible Mutations: All of them are Vampires.

Description: Bloodbugs are the giant version of regular Mosquitos. Like many other creatures they became gigantic due to the radiation and background FEV.

They aren't specially dangerous and a single well aimed punch might even kill them but still their increased bodies have made them become a nasty pest. It isn't uncommon for wastelanders to find their newborn babies mummified and completely dry of blood or for cattle herders to discover one or two brahmin who have died of anemia.

Luckily enough due to the FEV, unlike their regular counterpart the mosquitos, these Bloodbugs never carry diseases.

Melee Attacks:
• 00-30 -- The Bloodbug buzzes in anger.
• 31-60 -- The Bloodbug attempts to stab you with his proboscis but misses.
• 61-80 --  The Bloodbug manages to stab you with his proboscis but doesn't sucks blood. -8 HP
• 81-90 -- The Bloodbug manages to stab you with his proboscis and sucks some of your blood. -20 HP, the creature regains +20 HP.
• 91-100 -- The Bloodbug stabs you directly on the heart, you feel your life draining away from your body as the bug grows fatter and fatter the more it drinks. -50 HP, the creature regains +50HP.

Health Points: 35

Loot: Insect meat, human blood.

Height: Variable, but not more than 2 feet counting from the tip of their proboscis to the tip of their tails.

Weight: Variable, but not more than 5 pounds.

Hair: They lack hair.

Eyes: Two insectoid eyes. Red, big and full of small mirror like cells.

Skin: Chitinous yet soft.

Other details: When dying due to an explosive or an energy weapon they usually burst in a explosion of blood, this is due to all the blood that they have ingested beforehand.


Psychological Description:
They are mindless creatures, they only care in feeding and breeding. They will simply jump straight ahead towards enemies and run away if overpowered.

Reproduction: They are ovovivipary creatures, this is that they lay eggs, but these eggs stay inside of their bodies until they are ready to hatch.

Lifespan: Approximately 5 years.

Experience Points: 75.
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Mosquito Bloodbugs
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