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PostSubject: Endoskeleton    Sat Dec 02 2017, 02:07

Name: Endoskeleton

Locations: Abandoned factories and in some pre-war buildings.  

Sexual Differences: None.

Possible Mutations: They can be electric.

Description: Endoskeletons are the basis for all robots, their skeletons in a sense. They are dotted with a very basic firmware that simply lets them walk, stand up and do few more things as they are expected to have an AI and programming installed after.

The first primary protocol of endoskeletons is finding a chassis, they know that without it their circuitry and mechanisms are exposed and they are at risk. Endoskeletons that don't manage to find a body ultimately become crazy and murderous, killing animals and people to wear their flesh and skin and feel safe and complete once more.

Since they have little to no AI and very basic protocols they can be easily outsmarted but they can still use weapons like anybody else so they might pose a dangerous threat to unwary wastelanders.

Melee Attacks:
• 00-30 -- The crazed endoskeleton fails and ends confused, being stunned for 1 turn.
• 31-60 -- The crazed endoskeleton fails.
• 61-80 -- The crazed endoskeleton manages to hit you with its electrified metallic limbs. -10 HP
• 81-90 -- The crazed endoskeleton hits you hard and painfully. -22 HP
• 91-100 -- The crazed endoskeleton hits you extremely hard and fast. -45 HP and manages to send a electric surge towards your body, paralyzing you for 1 turn.

Health Points: 50

Loot: Metal, Circuitry, Mechanisms, Human flesh, Animal flesh, Human blood.

Height: Variable, but usually around the 5 feet 5 inches mark.

Weight: Variable, but not more than 95 pounds.

Hair: They lack hair.

Eyes: Electronic eyes that offer the same sight as a poor bionic eye.

Skin: Metallic and usually covered in dried blood.

Other details: Some of them have been so maddened that even if they are installed inside an authentic robotic chassis they will continue feeling naked and incomplete. There is no solution for them and in some cases even a memory wipe won't work.


Psychological Description:
They are mindless creatures, they only care in feeding and breeding. They will simply jump straight ahead towards enemies and run away if overpowered.

Reproduction: They cannot reproduce.

Lifespan: Unknown.

Experience Points: 95.
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