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 Hawaiian Merfolk

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PostSubject: Hawaiian Merfolk   Sat Dec 02 2017, 15:21

Name: Merfolk

Locations: Corrupted Ocean

Sexual Differences: Typical sexual differences that appear in humans, males have wider shoulders, female have breasts and so on.

Possible Mutations: All of them except incendiary.

Description: Merfolk are post-war creatures of unknown origins. The inhabits the sea and drag down unsuspecting swimmers or people who have fallen into the sea which they then viciously devour and feed on.

They are obviously of human origin as their upper parts have mostly human organs and their blood are similar to human blood in a 98%. Still they have no humanity in them, they are completely feral and while able of imitating human speech they cannot truly talk. The merfolk usually attacks with their claw like fingers and their fanged mouths but they can also use any melee weapon that has fallen upon the sea.

Melee Attacks Attacks:
• 00-30 -- The merfolk is so vicious that its attack fails and out of pure spite it twichedly starts clawing its own forearms and chest, receiving -27 HP
• 31-60 -- The merfolk fails in its vicious attack.
• 61-80 -- The merfolk's coral like claws scratch your body. -13 HP
• 81-90 -- The merfolk's coral like claws hits you hard and painfully. -27 HP
• 91-100 -- The merfolk's coral like claws hits you extremely deep, clawing your guts and eviscerates your innards out. -60 HP

Health Points: 90

Loot: Human flesh, mutated blood, human blood, Animal meat.

Height: Around 6'5 feet from their heads to the tip of their tails.

Weight: 85 pounds.

Hair: Regular human hair, usually sticky due to all the saltwater.

Eyes: Reddish human like eyes with pale white irises.

Skin: Slimy pale blue skin, sometimes it has darker tones just like as humans do.

Other details: Eating their human parts can make people sick, eating their tails and lower part is perfectly safe thought.


Psychological Description:
They are extremely violent and vicious

Reproduction: They ovoviviparous creatures, that's it the females have one single egg but held it inside of their uterus until its ready to hatch.

Lifespan: Around 75 years.

Experience Points: 120.
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Hawaiian Merfolk
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