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 Beginning a new life. OPEN

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PostSubject: Beginning a new life. OPEN   Beginning a new life. OPEN EmptyMon Dec 04 2017, 14:41

Sons of Kanaloa, what idiots! Noah thought as he sneaked off onto the port. He had been traveling for several days by boat now; direct from Lana’i City to Port Kalewa on the Sons boat. Once Noah had found out the truth about the group he had spent MY life with... Noah had to go, he couldn't take living with those monsters anymore. He was lucky to get off that place he supposed.. Good thing Noah had that pouch of stolen caps, and they didn't ask what was in his pack.

Once Noah was well out of sight of those killers he sat down and look around properly. Men and women walk around near me; hurry about carrying materials for ship construction, or things to take to sell. Beyond the port he could see trees... green trees, with leaves and life. So the rumors he heard about the Garden of Eden really weren't a rumor after all...

The Vault should be around here somewhere, a wealth of prewar knowledge; but now wasn't the time for exploration. Noah had to get his bearings before getting the hell out of here and well away from the Sons. He opened up his pack and pulled out the Pip-Boy... well makeshift Pip-Boy, but it serves its purpose. Noah sided the device onto my arm and stands back up.

He had better get going, and get set up for a bit.. before getting on the run again; so Noah decided to explore the port.

(I hope that I have done this correctly, any tips or corrections... or just tell me if its all crap and I've done it wrong. All is appreciated! -Cheers)

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Beginning a new life. OPEN
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