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 T45-D Power Armor

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PostSubject: T45-D Power Armor   Thu Dec 07 2017, 10:24

A suit of standard issue, pre war T45-D power armor. This was the first model of powered combat armor to see battle, and was one of the deciding factors in the liberation of Anchorage Alaska mission. T45-D is comprised of a set of heavy steel plates atop a fusion driven hydraulic frame. Used extensively by the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel, even this outdated model of power armor has the potential to supply ample protection to any wastelander fortunate enough to come across a functioning unit. The T45-D comes standard with a TX-24 microfusion pack set in its rear panel, and should remain operational for the foreseeable future. Longer than any waster, anyway.

• Protection against melee and unarmed weapons: 105 points of damage.
• Protection against ballistic weapons: 95 points of damage.
• Protection against energy weapons: 85 points of damage.
• Protection against explosives: 75 points of damage.
• Grants: +15 to all attack rolls, +2 STR, -2 AGL, -8 Points of Radiation received.
• Value: 23,000 caps.
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T45-D Power Armor
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