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 Sons of Kanaloa Guard armor

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PostSubject: Sons of Kanaloa Guard armor   Sons of Kanaloa Guard armor EmptyThu Dec 07 2017, 15:39

The Son's warriors use old repurposed suits that were originally designed for environmentally hazardous labor. They added several small servos and plaques of metal to the suits to turn them into armors capable of surviving not only harsh and toxic elements usually found in their many factories but also extreme trauma and impacts.  

Even if Sons aren't a real nation they consider all their factories and lands as their own territories and even impose their own laws. The Kanaloan forces will go to extreme measures to ensure that their secrets and resources aren't discovered or stolen.

These guards are the lowest warriors of all the Sons of Kanaloa's forces. They are factory workers that have been selected due to their resilience, strength and loyalty. Usually these Guards are sent against factory workers who rebel or small menaces like radroaches or rats but in case any factory is in true danger they can also be sent en masse to act as cannon fodder and stop the advancement of the enemy as much as possible. Usually these guards wield Cattle Prods, nonlethal yet very painful weapons that they use as a punishment device against any worker who doesn't produces fast enough, albeit they can also be issued with Laser Pistols. Unlike with the infantrymen and heavy weapon soldiers the masks of these armor don't offer any defense against radiation or toxicity filters, the masks are only so workers don't recognise the Guards in off duty hours and retaliate against them or their families.

Sons of Kanaloa Guard armor Son_of12

  • Protection against melee and unarmed weapons: 12 points of damage.

  • Protection against ballistic weapons: 10 points of damage.

  • Protection against energy weapons: 12 points of damage.

  • Protection against explosives: 5 points of damage.

  • Grants: Nothing. 

Value: 1500 Caps.
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Sons of Kanaloa Guard armor
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