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 Ocean Terror Sha-mano

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PostSubject: Ocean Terror Sha-mano   Sun Dec 10 2017, 06:21

Name: Sha-Mano

Locations: Corrupted Ocean

Sexual Differences: Females are usually bigger than males.

Possible Mutations: All of them except incendiary.

Description: Sha-manos are sharks that have been corrupted and mutated by radiation and the Forced Evolutionary Virus. They are several times bigger and more vicious than their pre-war counterparts and are known to be able to devour entire people in one bite. They are so big that there are even combat knives made from their teeth. Due to their big size and their weakened DNA like many other wasteland creatures of the same size and genetic complexity they may suddenly die from a heart attack.

Melee Attacks Attacks:
• 00-30 -- The Sha-Mano suffers convulsions and suddenly dies from a heart attack.
• 31-60 -- The Sha-Mano fails in its vicious attack.
• 61-80 -- The Sha-Mano's knife like teeth scratch your body. -40 HP
• 81-90 -- The Sha-Mano's knife like teeth bite you hard and painfully. -85 HP
• 91-100 -- The Sha-Mano's knife like teeth bites you extremely deep, devouring your guts. -190 HP

Health Points: 200

Loot: Human flesh, mutated blood, human blood, Animal meat, Sha-Mano teeth.

Height: Around 27 feet from their heads to the tip of their tails.

Weight: 6500 pounds.

Hair: None.

Eyes: Black beads. They usually have two but some Sha-Manos might be eyeless or be born with extra eyes.

Skin: Rubbery and filled with small scales capable of cutting anyone fool enough of touching it bare handed.

Other details:


Psychological Description:
They are extremely violent and vicious against everything even their own kind.

Reproduction: They ovoviviparous creatures, that's it the females have several eggs but held it inside of their uterus until its ready to hatch.

Lifespan: Around 75 years.

Experience Points: 400.
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Ocean Terror Sha-mano
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