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 Tribal Green Stalker Armor

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PostSubject: Tribal Green Stalker Armor   Tribal Green Stalker Armor EmptySun Dec 10 2017, 09:57

The Green Stalkers are one of the many big tribes that inhabit in the island of Hawaii. Their culture revolves around hiding from enemies and hitting when unseen, so they favor camouflage and silent weapons like silenced sniper rifles and knives.

Their settlements are usually deep within the jungle and completely hidden, being almost impossible to find unless you know where they are located. Their armors are usually old military clothes fitted with kevlar or other defensive pads and all covered in greenery, moss, leaves and dirt to make them as hard to see as possible.

Tribal Green Stalker Armor 4u35v7K

  • Protection against melee and unarmed weapons: 10 points of damage.

  • Protection against ballistic weapons: 8 points of damage.

  • Protection against energy weapons: -15 points of damage. Due to the greenery the armor can catch on fire more easily.

  • Protection against explosives: 2 points of damage.

  • Grants: +20 to all Sneak Attack and Stealth dice rolls when in a Jungle or a Greenery filled area.

Value: 1750 Caps.
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Tribal Green Stalker Armor
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