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 Abominable Muta-Ray

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PostSubject: Abominable Muta-Ray   Sun Dec 10 2017, 12:50

Muta-Rays are abominable weapons that weaponize the living brain of a psyker who has been put in a tube filled with a mixture of FEV, Medical-Gel and countless of Chems. The brain itself is alive but it is unknown if it feels pain or is conscious of its actual situation, albeit there have been cases of the gun refusing to open fire in the presence of people who were of significance to the owner of the brain so there is a lot of speculation around it.

The weapon uses Fusion Cores as ammo but how the weapon functions is an utmost mystery. The Muta-Ray appeared one day on an abandoned underground laboratory and since then several copies have been made. When the trigger is pressed  the liquids where the brain is suspended in will start to vibrate and heat up and from the barrel of the weapon a viscous red beam of energy will be launched. Anything organic that the ray touches will suffer an uncontrollable mutation.

Those under the ray's influence for a short time might make people into Psykers, albeit this is an extremely rare occurrence, most of the times people mutate into an aberrant monsters and if they are lucky they lose their sanity and become unaware of what they have become. Long time exposures will lead to creatures mutating so much that their bodies won't be able to stay alive anymore and one by one their organs will start to fail, if you they are lucky a completely genetic meltdown will make their body violently explode before that happens.

Muta-Rays are considered extremely dangerous weapons, even by Wasteland standards and they are illegal in all of Ohana and many other civilized areas. Power Armor does not protect against this weapon.

Weapon Stats:

Weapon's Dice Roll Tables:
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Abominable Muta-Ray
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