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 M2045 Anti-Vehicle Rifle

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PostSubject: M2045 Anti-Vehicle Rifle   Sun Dec 10 2017, 22:52

Designed for marksmen in power armor, the M2045 is a high powered anti vehicle weapon chambered for .308 Winchester. This rather strange rifle features a break action, revolver mechanism behind almost a meter of barrel. An extremely unruly weapon to only be used by the strongest of people (or mutants), the M2045 will not let down her user. This rifle is capable of punching through light armored vehicles, so anything squishy being hit by this thing is gonna have a bad day. The Cylinder is large enough to hold eight .308 rounds, but legend tells of an early prototype chambered in .50 mg.

Weapon Stats:

Weapon's Dice Roll Tables:
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M2045 Anti-Vehicle Rifle
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