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 Street Urchin: Sunday

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PostSubject: Street Urchin: Sunday   Street Urchin: Sunday EmptyThu Dec 14 2017, 02:28

Name: Sunday

Age: 16

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Karma: Neutral

Faction: Wildcard

Reputation: N/A

Strength: 4
Perception: 8
Endurance: 6
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 3
Agility: 10
Luck: 4

Level: 1


  • Long Fingers - You get a +10 to all dice rolls related to stealing.
  • Little Robin - You get a +10 to all dice rolls related to doing acrobatics, jumping huge distances, climbing or reaching far away areas.

Height: 5'2

Weight: 90 pounds

Body type: Her body type is thin, and due to malnourishment, her ribs are visible to the naked eye. The more feminine features that are commonly seen on women aren't present on this young girl, and owing to her lack of consistent meals, has stunted development as a consequence. She has no physical mutations, by some miracle.

Hair style: Her hair is a dyed and faded pink, the result of a cheap transaction with a shady black market vendor. Even a girl in the scarring Hawaiian Wasteland needs to feel good about something.

She has light blue eyes, with a small corona of yellow around her cornea, the result of bad diet and some minor liver problems. Her eyes give her a sweet and deceiving appearance, something that she has used to her advantage several times in the past.

Skin color: The color of her skin maintains a natural pale white to itself, a product of the way she brings her own food to the table. Her skin is soft and delicate, covered only by a small fuzz of body hair like a mature peach. She gets easily sunburnt.

Other: There are a couple of scars on her skin, hinting at incidents that she may never share, and a few burn marks on her hands.


Street Urchin: Sunday Fallout_raider___nuka_cola_by_rose_cosplay-d9t590x

Psychical Description: Sunday isn’t stupid, she knows that the Wasteland can be unforgiving and a cruel place to live and that weak people die sooner than the rest, but still she maintains some innocence and naivety typical of her age. She will trust strangers as long as they don’t look way too suspicious, but will always be ready to shank a bitch in case anyone betrays her. While it is true that her life goal is to never have to worry about being poor anymore to her, physical belongings aren’t as important as immaterial ones like memories, love and the like. She prefers to rob just enough to survive, not to hoard cash and belongings. Albeit this is simply her naivety judging for her, she is slowly realizing that her dreams might be nothing more than dreams, that perhaps nobody will come to save her...and that's why she is slowly yet steadily stealing more and more, just in case


  • Main Weapon: A Snub Revolver that is in average condition. The years of use show on this weapon, but it remains as reliable and useful as it ever was.
  • Secondary Weapon: Primitive Knife
  • Helmet: No helmet.
  • Mask: No mask.
  • Goggles: No goggles.
  • Clothes: Ragged clothes.
  • Armor: Prospector Armor.
  • Backpack: A makeshift backpack, commonly seen amongst the poor and destitute. It offers Sunday no inventory slots beyond the norm.
  • First Accessory: Lockpick (This item allows lockpicking doors or any container that is closed.)
  • Second Accessory: Grappling Hook (This artifact can shoot a projectile, capable of perforating rock and metal that is linked with a chain. This chain can then be tensed and retracted, allowing people to reach places that are out of their reach. It can also be used to disarm or pull people.)
  • Other: She has a teddy bear she sleeps with, it smells like strawberries. Well, what she thinks is strawberries; she hasn’t eaten a real one in her entire life.

Defect of the Character: She’s incredibly naïve and she sees life with a shade of pink. She believes that old pre-war fairy tales are real and that at some point her knight in white satin will appear and the two will live together happily ever after. As a result of this, she is easily manipulated.

Aspirations: She wants to have a fairytale life. Become wealthy, find a blue prince, have friends and pets and don’t ever worry about being cashless, hungry or in danger any more.

Other details:

  • While she isn’t overly religious she believes in magic, fairies, angels and a myriad of other mythological and fairytale creatures from the European, American and Hawaiian culture.
  • Despite being a thief, she knows that stealing when done to good people, isn’t fair. So she sometimes instead of stealing decides to gain a living by doing puppet shows with the puppets that she herself has tailored or found around.
  • She daydreams a lot, and sometimes when distracted she might start inventing entire words or conversations on her head, which makes her unconsciously mutter or gesticulate. This has made many people consider her weird because she’s suddenly all quiet and then out of nowhere she starts with an uncontrollable laughing fit. She isn’t mad, just finding a way to escape reality.

Background story: Sunday wasn’t certain of many things, but one of the facts she knew for sure was that she was an orphan. Maybe her parents were alive somewhere in the Wastes but they had abandoned her, and in all her sixteen years of age never attempted to find her, so for all she knew they were as good as dead.

During the first few years of her life, she was raised by a small gang of children called the Never Found, a group of about thirty urchins who were all either orphans or abandoned by their guardians and all lived together in the ruins of an abandoned shopping center along with a group of robots who took care, taught them basics like how to walk, speak and read and protected them from any danger.

The kids of the Never Found deeply believed that their shopping center was hidden and that the grownups would never find them and destroy their own personal paradise. The truth was that the place was well known around the wastes for being a way of safely abandoning a child, either because their parents died, because they couldn't take care of the child or because the kid was unwanted. The adults and common travelers of the area even protected the place by killing the critters of the area and by gifting them with food and medicines from time to time.

While living in there Sunday became a Seeker, a person whose job was to find objects, either items that have been stolen, lost around the shopping center or resources that could only be found in the most scary and dark areas of the building. Having this job gave her a very good stealing ability as many children stole and never admitted it and the only way of recovering the item was to steal it back. Having to climb to high areas or hard to reach places also made her have a very good agility and no fear for heights or doing acrobatic stuns.

After learning how to read she was also given access to the library of the shopping center, a small bookshop filled with dusty books who were barely readable. In here she discovered her love for all thing fantastical and learned how to sew to make some puppets and entertain the children while telling them her favorite tales. She ended retelling these tales so many times that she ultimately believed them to be real.

When she became an “adult” at the age of twelve years old she was expelled from the toy shop and made to promise that she would never reveal the place where it was located. As was custom, she was able to leave with her favorite toy, in her case her strawberry smelling teddy bear and entered into the unforgiving wastes.

During the four years of being on her own, she was forced to learn how to steal to survive, at first stealing from people who were way too drunk or asleep to notice her but then as she grew more agile and stealthy, to more difficult targets. While she might have grown outside but inside she’s still feeling like a child at heart. With what little caps she saved, she managed to purchase a small revolver and a knife. Nowadays she continues to wander the wastes, trying to find a place where fairy tales are real and magical creatures live.
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Luck Stat

Luck Stat

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PostSubject: Re: Street Urchin: Sunday   Street Urchin: Sunday EmptyFri Dec 15 2017, 11:20

I think she's pretty good for the most part. One question I had was where she found out about fairy tales and such? I assume she doesn't know how to read because who would teach her? And where would she find the books? The "making a living with puppet shows" thing is a little odd. How did she learn to sew? Where does she find puppets?

It says she isn't stupid but her character defect is that she's easily manipulated. She values immaterial things like memories and love, but her aspiration is become wealthy and never worry about money I think that last point is the worst thing about the sheet because those seem to directly contradict each other.
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PostSubject: Re: Street Urchin: Sunday   Street Urchin: Sunday EmptyFri Dec 22 2017, 05:46

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Luck Stat

Luck Stat

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PostSubject: Re: Street Urchin: Sunday   Street Urchin: Sunday EmptyFri Dec 22 2017, 11:31

There's still the issue that she values immaterial things over material things, and now she even knows it's wrong to hoard cash and other things, but her aspiration is still to be a wealthy fairytale princess. Those things contradict and one has to change.

Becoming more and more greedy as her time in the wasteland goes on is a great idea for character development, but I can't accept her as valuing non material things over materialism AND wanting to be a wealthy princess. There's a difference between wanting to be a wealthy princess and not having to worry about money.

Also, if she steals to survive, why does she care about having money? What does it matter to her? Does she dislike stealing?

The puppet thing still strikes me as odd. Where did she find the puppets? Who pays her to put on these shows? Why would they pay her to put on puppet shows? Where did she get the puppets? How does she know how to sew?
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Street Urchin: Sunday Empty
PostSubject: Re: Street Urchin: Sunday   Street Urchin: Sunday Empty

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Street Urchin: Sunday
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