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 Leilani's Memoirs

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Leilani Kelekolio


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PostSubject: Leilani's Memoirs   Thu Dec 14 2017, 15:06


I couldn't stop thinking about Leon and AJ today. I found a really old photo, back when the Silver Sharks were in full swing. It made me smile, even if I couldn't bear to look at myself. I keep thinking 'Whatever happened to that woman? Why are you so afraid now, when you look exactly the same as you did 70 years ago?'

I think it was because I knew everyone in the Silver Sharks loved me. I had Leon back then and he was really all I needed. But everyone else loved almost as much as he did, even though I was a ghoul. We were so close. The best family I had since the bombs fell. Then, in an instant, the Silver Sharks were gone. 14 years of activity gone by in the blink of an eye. Everyone eventually passed away, either killed the night the Ohanan army raided HQ or killed somewhere else. Or they just...died of being old, which very few of them got that pleasure.

Christ, I need some Jet.

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Leilani's Memoirs
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