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 Information about the Cerberus Reactor Core

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PostSubject: Information about the Cerberus Reactor Core   Wed Oct 25 2017, 20:19

  • Population: 0.
  • Accepted Races: Locals only.
  • Present Factions: Sons of Kanaloa.
  • Actual Leader: The Captain of the Ship.
  • Threat Level: NONE if you are a local. HIGH if you are an outsider.
  • Dangers: Distrust and mild Xenophobia against outsiders. Fear from tampering.
  • Creatures found here: People.
  • Resources present here: Nuclear Material, Metal, Fuel.
  • Primary activities: Maintaining and Repairing the Engines, Protecting the engines from Outsiders.
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Information about the Cerberus Reactor Core
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