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 Joshua Badding

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PostSubject: Joshua Badding   Sat Dec 23 2017, 15:06

Name: Joshua Badding

Age: 18

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Karma: Neutral



Strength: 8

Perception: 7

Endurance: 9

Charisma: 2

Intelligence: 5

Agility: 4

Luck: 6

Level: 1

Perks: Dodger Lv.2: You get a +20 to all dice rolls related to avoiding attacks.

Height: 5'7

Weight: 170 Pounds

Body Type: Skinny, and a little muscular.

Hair Style: Grown black hair with a well kept beard.

Eyes: Round green eyes.

Skin: White, slightly dirty.


Psychical Description: Joshua does not like to kill people in cold blood, but he will if it could help him survive. He can kill people that attack him without dwelling on it for too long. He hates to see the people of the wasteland abused in any way. And his fears are dark areas that he absolutely cannot see into, and he has claustrophobia. He is extremely terrified of extremely disfigured creatures if he see's one he will immediately begin shaking and won't be able to hold his gun steady. When he realized his own mother had sold him into slavery he thought he wouldn't be accepted by anyone in his life and he hoped that one day he could find at least one person who would accept him and actually care about what happened to him if he is to actually find someone like this he would do anything for them no matter the task and he would do anything to keep them alive even if it meant trading his own life for theirs.

Main Weapon: .223 Range-master Hunting Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Double-Barrel Shotgun
Helmet: None
Mask: None
Goggles: None
Clothes: Black t-shirt under a brown leather jacket. Black cargo pants with black leather boots. Black scarf and black leather fingerless gloves.
Armor: Leather armor.
Backpack: Small backpack (2 fanny-packs)
First Accessory: Flashlight
Second Accessory: Portable Campfire

Defect Of Character: Alcoholic when he has been sober for more than 30 minutes he becomes extremely irritable and jumpy it also hurts his ability to aim properly if sober for a day or more he will become weak he will barely be able to do anything he will become depressed and lose his will to continue on until he at least gets a buzz off alcohol

Aspirations: Joshua has always wanted a family or friends to settle down with, as he's never had one of his own. He hopes to find them in Hawaii.


    Joshua was born in New Vegas, and his mother sold him to Legion slavers when he was three years old. He was kept in a small cage, and was only brought out to be taught how to read, write and how to speak. He barely even saw the outside world until he was eight years old.

    On his eighth birthday a collar was strapped around his neck, and he was put to work in a mine for three years. One day a slave in Joshua's crew found a way to break his collar off without it exploding, he then killed the shift guard and stole his key. He then started letting slaves free, but only a handful of slaves made it out that day, luckily Joshua was one of them.

    After he escaped his owners he traveled in the desert for a day, and accidentally made his way to the Hoover Dam. Starved and dehydrated, he passed out on the connecting highway to the base. A veteran ranger named Michael Kowalski was on his way home and found Joshua.

    He brought him home with him and brought the boy back to health after 2 weeks the boy was healthy again the boy told the man about his past and what he had experienced Micheal felt pity and decided to adopt the boy. He trained the boy to fight and shoot, he even gave him the weapons he wields today. Joshua lived with the ranger until he was 17 years old.

    Joshua then decided it was time to leave New Vegas he never thought Micheal as his friend or family just as the man who saved his life he needed to find someone he could care about and he knew he wouldn't find it in a cesspool like Vegas he asked Michael if he could get him far away from Vegas. Michael agreed and contacted his friends in Hawaii they were a 3 man and 2 woman mercenary squad that were highly trained in combat Micheal knew them from his days of working as a hired gun in Hawaii before he moved to Vegas their names were Maui,Jacob,Rocker,Mac and Carrie

    It took his contacts six months to get to the Mojave, after they left Joshua began drinking at every rest stop every day to numb the pain of his past eventually his drinking problem escalated to the point that he couldn't go on without a slight buzz he was drinking all the time Maui asked him to stop the drinking and he explained why it wouldn't help him Josh didn't like what Maui had to say and broke a half full bottle of whisky over the left side of his face before Maui could react to this the rest of the group broke them up the group didn't interact with Joshua much after that in fact they didn't at all. When he finally reached Hawaii six more months had passed, and he was only 18 with a hardcore drinking problem. After he left Michael's contacts, he went to a small outpost and took up jobs as a hired gun.

Last edited by Magoo97 on Fri Dec 29 2017, 05:57; edited 8 times in total (Reason for editing : Punctuation)
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Good Karma

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PostSubject: Re: Joshua Badding   Sat Dec 23 2017, 16:09

Remove that bit for karma. Just "Neutral" will do.

You need to pick a second perk.

You can't have a pipboy unless you're from a vault. Based on your character history, there's nothing to indicate where he would have found one anyway.

For your weapons, you can have both of those and one will be broken, or you can pick a knife for a secondary.

Please, God, add some punctuation to your paragraphs. Also proper capitalization on your "Aspirations" category.
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Good Karma

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PostSubject: Re: Joshua Badding   Sat Dec 23 2017, 23:24

Alright, it's looking much better!

I think all I would ask to change is

1. If you could elaborate in his backstory/psychical description why he wants a family/friends of his own. Alcoholics are often very jaded people and often cause trouble where they go. They might even be hated in general, especially in close-knit communities. Some recognition of this conflict in the character sheet would be great. Essentially, how does being an alcoholic yet wanting friends/family affect his character?

2. Elaborate more on why being an alcoholic is a character defect. Everyone knows what an alcoholic is but how does it specifically interfere with Joshua's existence? I think you could also put down him being afraid of deformed wasteland creatures and how this affects his ability to fight them.

3. Just explain who Kowalski's contacts are. He's part of the NCR, but NCR doesn't have a presence in Hawaii so I'm curious who exactly these contacts are.

I think once you take care of those three things, you'll be good to go. Also, if you could make a post in this thread saying you've updated your sheet I will know when you have. Don't rely on me seeing your comment in Discord; that thing gets very chatty sometimes and I may miss it. Then I won't know to come check your sheet.
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PostSubject: Updated It   Sun Dec 24 2017, 07:02

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Good Karma

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PostSubject: Re: Joshua Badding   Sun Dec 24 2017, 08:39

Excellent! Now I just need you to clean up the punctuation for the stuff that you changed. After that I can approve it.
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PostSubject: Re: Joshua Badding   

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Joshua Badding
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