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 Jackson "Wolfe" Baker

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PostSubject: Jackson "Wolfe" Baker   Jackson "Wolfe" Baker EmptySat Dec 23 2017, 16:01

Name: Jackson "Wolfe" Baker

Age: 21

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Karma: Good

Faction: Brotherhood of Steel



Strength: 7
Perception: 8
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 8
Intelligence: 3
Agility: 6
Luck: 3

Level: 1

Perks: Soothing Voice LV.1 - Second Wind LV.1  

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 176

Body type: Muscular, medium build.

Hair style: Dark brown, unkempt short hair.

Eyes: Dark brown hair.

Skin color: Light white freckled skin. Slightly dirty.

Other: Brotherhood of Steel tattoo on right forearm.


Psychical Description: Wolfe does not value his own life, and will perform reckless actions to save a friend, even sacrificing himself. He is haunted by past events. Wolfe is terrified of not being there for his friends when they need him, if he gets the slightest notion that they are in trouble, he will be sure to check in.


  • Main Weapon: .223 Rangemaster Hunting Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: Combat Knife
  • Helmet: None.
  • Mask: Gray Bandana.
  • Goggles: None.
  • Clothes: Brown cargo pants, combat boots and a gray jacket with a white undershirt.
  • Armor: Light Mercenary Armor
  • Backpack: Medium Backpack.
  • First Accessory: Crowbar
  • Second Accessory: Lighter
  • Other: Pack of cigarettes.

Defect of the Character: Smoker: Can get depressed and very easily angered without any cigarettes.

Aspirations: Wants to own a settlement that is safe, and can be trusted not to fall.

Other details: Cannot stand hate towards the Brotherhood of Steel.

Background story:

    Jackson grew up in a small village in North Dakota in a small family. Was born into a small family as the elder child, and by the time he was 7 years old raiders started extorting the settlement. Everything was fine for a few years, then the leader stopped paying the raiders. The raiders eventually stole 14 settlers as their own payment, including Jackson's 12 year old sister and parents.

    At the time, he was 15 years old. This left him with his 13 year old brother, Henry and himself. The leader sold out the settlers the following year, and turned them all in in exchange for protection. Jackson and his brother escaped over the back wall while the raiders breached houses and enslaved the other settlers.

    They wandered the wastes for a while, and narrowly escaped slavers and raiders many times. Eventually slavers, disguised as a caravan, captured him and his brother. They were kept captive for a year, and treated horribly. During this time, his brother became sick from the poor conditions they were kept in.

    Jackson tried his best to keep his brother safe and healthy, but eventually he died from the sickness he contracted. The Brotherhood of Steel shot down the slavers the next day to rescue a captured soldier, but they also recruited the young slaves into field scribes and knights, if they were willing. Jackson took them up on the offer, and was nicknamed Wolfe for having no family or friends, like a lone wolf.

    He was appointed the rank of journeyman knight, and was brought into many battles and learned much from his peers. Wolfe was very respected by his fellow knights. His commanding officers were very accepting of him, as he performed the best out of the journeyman knights. He felt accepted here, a feeling he had not felt since he left his settlement.

    During his second year in the Brotherhood, super mutants raided the settlement. He and his comrades fought side by side, but it wasn't enough to save the camp. Vertibird reinforcements were flown in, but were taken down by behemoths. One of the crashed vertibirds landed into Wolfe's squad. When he woke up, he was pinned under the wreckage, and covered in his allies blood and corpses.

He crawled out of the crash site, but his leg was broken. He stumbled away to cover, but the supermutants caught him and took him away. They put a bag over his head, and when he could see again he was in a cell with a few other knights. Day after day, the supermutants would take a knight, and eat him. On the sixth day, they brought Wolfe out, but one of the other knights attacked the mutant with a shank to let the rest escape.

The three knights and Wolfe ran away, but had to split up as they were being shot at. Wolfe didn't want to return to the Brotherhood as he was afraid of losing anyone else important to him, so he hooked up with some caravans and traveled with them for a few caps. They went from state to state, until they ended up in California. Wolfe slipped onto a boat heading to Hawaii, and decided to stay and do odd jobs for caps.

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Bad Karma
Bad Karma

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PostSubject: Re: Jackson "Wolfe" Baker   Jackson "Wolfe" Baker EmptySun Dec 24 2017, 07:15

Alright so, the psychical description needs more fleshing out. What are his fears? What does he love? What does he hate? Asking questions like this will allow to get a feel for the character.

I would like for you to give some more detail to his defects. How does smoking hinder him? The defects must actually hinder the character in some way, be it mental or physical.

As for the backstory, I'm assuming by saying BoS soldier, you mean knight. If you're a scribe, you can't be promoted to knight. 2 completely separate professions. Also as a scribe, you would very rarely fight. Also, why did he leave the BoS? You said he just packed up & left. The East Coast BoS is an incredibly secure and powerful force, why leave it?
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Bad Karma
Bad Karma

Posts : 116
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PostSubject: Re: Jackson "Wolfe" Baker   Jackson "Wolfe" Baker EmptyFri Dec 29 2017, 08:08

So you say he didn't make many friends but he felt accepted? That seems a little odd. Also, why did he slip away from the battle? Even more than that, he went far enough that when he came back, all his friends were dead. That's called desertion. It's also in complete conflict with his personality.
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PostSubject: Re: Jackson "Wolfe" Baker   Jackson "Wolfe" Baker Empty

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Jackson "Wolfe" Baker
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