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 1º Anual Snowball Battle Royale

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PostSubject: 1º Anual Snowball Battle Royale   Mon Dec 25 2017, 03:46

Hello everybody and welcome to the first Anual Snowball Battle Royale!

The rules are simple, we will make two teams, team Blue and Team Red, of three people each, in case more people want to join then the teams will be expanded.

After the teams are done I'll open a thread describing how it starts to snow in Hawaii and how your characters meet, decide to leave behind their differences and make two teams to engage in a snowball fight.

Only snowballs will be able to be used, nothing else. Here's the dice rolls for the Snowballs:

Weapon's Dice Roll Tables:

As seen here snowballs aren't lethal so if your health reaches 0 it will mean that your character simply decides that's it feels too cold and withdrawls from the fight.

Snowballs don't count as a ranged weapon, they are a special weapon so they won't have any perk or bonus added to them.

Snowballs count as a Cryo weapon, meaning that they can Freeze people. With each attack you will also need to roll a 1d10 dice. Getting 8 or more means that the character you have attacked is frozen and during its next turn will be unable to act and will suffer 15 HP of damage.

The game is a Battle Royale, only one can win, if one team completely defeats the other then the alliances on that team dissapear and it becomes all vs all.

The winner will get a Cryo Pistol, the second will receive a Temperature Regulator armor mod and the third one will receive a Melee weapon. Everybody who participates will also receive a Stimpak and 150 Caps.

Team RED

  • VOLT-Y666

  • Rick Hughes

Answer in this thread if you want to participate and I'll register you for the event!

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PostSubject: Re: 1º Anual Snowball Battle Royale   Mon Dec 25 2017, 05:38

Sign me up! Immediateeeeely!
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Rick Hughes

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PostSubject: Yeet   Mon Dec 25 2017, 06:20

Specialist hughes reporting!
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PostSubject: Re: 1º Anual Snowball Battle Royale   

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1º Anual Snowball Battle Royale
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