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 So long...for now.

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Bad Karma
Bad Karma

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PostSubject: So long...for now.   Sun Dec 31 2017, 08:37

Alright, it's been real everyone. Tomorrow I'm leaving for Basic Combat Training. Afterwards I'll be going to my Advanced Individual Training. Put both together, you have about six months of absence. So, for the foreseeable six months I will be gone. It has been a pleasure helping put this place together & an honor working with the other admins. I hope and expect to see this place booming by the time I get back. So, until then amigos.

P.S. I'm The Gun Nut if anyone hasn't figured that out.
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PostSubject: Re: So long...for now.   Sun Dec 31 2017, 08:58

See you in six months Gun Nut! I hope you fare well in training, have a lot of fun, make loads of friends and learn a lot. I'm not sure of how that training goes and where you will be deployed but I hope you end in South Korea as you wished! Merry Christmas, Thanks for your Service and Farewell!
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So long...for now.
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