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Fallout Roleplaying Forum set 250 years after the Great-War on the Post-Apocalyptic Hawaii. Will you be able to survive and endure the Hawaiian Wasteland?
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 Howdy Everybody!

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PostSubject: Howdy Everybody!   Fri Jan 12 2018, 17:39

Hey, I am super into Fallout and I love RPG's in general and while I've never taken part in anything like this before I can easily see it as something I will be very into. I really adore the world that has been created here and I have been wanting to something similar to this for a long time and I'm very glad I now can.
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Good Karma
Good Karma

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PostSubject: Re: Howdy Everybody!   Thu Jan 18 2018, 07:01

Hi there, Able! So glad to see your interest in the forum. Unfortunately, the forum is temporarily on hiatus. We've lost two of our moderators and the remaining mods are taking some time off to refine the rules and mechanics in place so we can have a more finished product to present to everyone.

I hope you stick around until we get everything worked out; I think/hope you'll really enjoy it! Be sure to check out our Discord server for information regarding updates and everything.

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Howdy Everybody!
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