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 Akoni Kahue

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Akoni Kahue

Akoni Kahue

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Character Screen
Level: 2
Health Points:
130/130  (130/130)
280/500  (280/500)

PostSubject: Akoni Kahue   Mon Jan 22 2018, 09:29

Age- 37

Race- Human

Gender- Male

Karma- Good

Faction- Wildcard


Strength: 7
Perception: 9
Endurance: 8
Charisma: 1
Intelligence: 10
Agility: 5
Luck: 2

Racial Features: +2 END; Tag Skill: Medicine

Level- 1


Redneck: Ballistic weapons rank 1

Healer: Healing rank 1

Height- 6ft 2in


Body type- Big guy. Broad shoulders, wide chest. Not really ripped, just a broad guy.

Hair- Salt and pepper, used to be dark brown. A little curly, and roughly chopped. He’s got a rough beard of the same color, that he doesn't really shave often.

Skin color- Tanish. Like if a tan guy died.

Other- Big tattoo of the islands on his left shoulder.

Psychical Description- Akoni is a cerebral guy, and doesn't particularly like conversation or social situations. If he’s not patching up someone who's injured, he’s tending to his guns. Not against working as a team at all, can’t be in the wasteland, but just not much of a talker.


  • Primary weapon: .223 Rangemaster
  • Secondary weapon: 9mm SMG (low durability/broken)
  • Helmet: None
  • Mask: Makeshift gasmask
  • Goggles: Aviator shades
  • Clothes: black muscle shirt, torn up dark jeans, and a pair of steel-toe boots
  • Armor: Field medic fatigues
  • Backpack: Small Backpack
  • First accessory: Medical multi-tool
  • Second accessory: Extra ammo
  • Other: A small journal and pen

Defect of character- Akoni will do his damnest to avoid trying talking his way through a situation. He’s got no social grace, almost to a savant level. He’s horrible with sarcasm and reading people.

Aspirations- He’s a simple guy, Akoni just wants to fix up the injured. Besides that, he’s an avid reader. Seeking new medical techniques, and reading new pre-war texts help him from going nuts in the wasteland.

Other- Akoni adores books. He’ll stop at almost nothing to learn more, and pre-war texts are his bread and butter.

Background story-
Akoni was born to a Pain-Stitcher mother on the island of Maui. Unfortunately he was born about 9 months after raiders sacked his mother’s village. She managed to survive her wounds, obviously, and was sheltered in a small settlement until giving birth. Miraculously both she and the child survived the almost 40 hour ordeal. Thus, Akoni was given life as many wastelanders had. Uneventfully. Many of Akoni’s first years were spent studying under his mother. He was never one to try and spend time with his friends, preferring to stay in and read or fix things. His mom being who she was filled his head with all sorts of medical techniques and the history of the islands, always handing him pre-war books and the like to study.

Around the time he turned fifteen, Akoni started to volunteer for night shift guard duty around the settlement perimeter. The whole place was surrounded by a big junk wall, with places for marksmen to stand. It wasn't a very eventful stretch of the islands, but the graveyard shift gave Akoni the perfect excuse to read without someone bothering him. In the months he spent on the wall, he had nothing but time on his hands. When he ran out of medical texts and got bored, he’d take apart and put back together his rifle. Not the best idea to disable your weapon, sure, but it passed the time. By his twentieth he’d read pretty much everything he could find in his hometown.

It wasn't a particularly hard decision to leave. The only thing keeping him tied to that settlement was his mother, and she was dying of radiation exposure as it was. So on his twenty first birthday he set out into the wastes. It wasn't particularly exciting the first few days. He’d turned over a couple junked houses and such, scrounging some ammo and whatnot. It was like that most days, really, just drifting from town to town. Always made a few caps by patching up people who were hurt, so it wasn't too bad to survive. Akoni’s life was a simple one of wandering, years and years of it in fact. Few eventful days ever really happened.

The first real exciting thing to happen was finding a small library, though most of the books were ruined. After that was the run-in with an Enclave patrol, that almost ended badly. Akoni’s been all over the islands, just wandering the wasteland. Odd jobs got taken care of, and people got stitched up whenever he passed through. Life on the wastes doesn't always have to be a constant fire fight.
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Akoni Kahue

Akoni Kahue

Posts : 21
Join date : 2018-01-22

Character Screen
Level: 2
Health Points:
130/130  (130/130)
280/500  (280/500)

PostSubject: Re: Akoni Kahue   Fri Mar 02 2018, 06:47

level 2 stat boosts- +7 medicine, +2 science, +1 guns
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PostSubject: Re: Akoni Kahue   Sat Mar 03 2018, 11:09

Character stats updated.
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PostSubject: Re: Akoni Kahue   

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Akoni Kahue
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