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 Kaui Williams

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Kaui Williams

Kaui Williams

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Character Screen
Level: 2
Health Points:
96/96  (96/96)
280/500  (280/500)

PostSubject: Kaui Williams   Wed Feb 07 2018, 11:12

Name: (Dr.) Kaui Williams

Age: 307

Race: Ghoul

Gender: Male

Karma: Good

Faction: Wildcard



Strength: 3
Perception: 4
Endurance: 3
Charisma: 7
Intelligence: 9
Agility: 3
Luck: 13

Level: Level 2

Perks: Bonsai, Famous Nobody

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 130 lbs

Body type: Short and thin as a wisp, his bony form constantly rides the thin line between scrawny and emaciated.

Hair style: What little remains of his hair is styled in a thoroughly inadequate combover.

Eyes: Kaui's eyes never sunk into the bloodshot stare of his brethren. Instead, they remain clear and bright, his gaze always glowing with a fiery combination of excitement and insanity.

Skin color: Like most other ghouls, Kaui's skin is variously pitted, burned, sloughing off, or missing entirely. However, he's made it a point to stay impeccably clean.

Other: Sprouting proudly from William's left shoulder is an exquisitely maintained Mutfruit bonsai. Systematically tended and pruned, a juicy, cancerous, fruit feebly clings to one of its branches.

Psychical Description: Kaui is a man of pride, charisma, and utter, absolute, insanity. Though his accomplishments are many, all are centuries old, repeated in an endless, increasingly incoherent loop to anyone, or anything, that happens to be nearby nearby. However, to those who can stand the rare moments of semi-sanity between his ramblings, he can quickly prove to be an lively and persuasive individual, albeit one entirely deluded by idealism.


  • Main Weapon: A worn and sturdy cane, its bottom affixed with a sharpened metal point (Counts as Tribal Spear).
  • Secondary Weapon:
  • Helmet:
  • Mask:
  • Goggles:
  • Clothes & Armor: An increasingly worn and threadbare, yet inexplicably ironed and spotless, suit and jacket. (Counts as Detective Duster.)
  • Backpack: An old leather Satchel, once used to carry various textbooks and lesson plans, now used to carry...progressively outdated textbooks and lesson plans --- alongside necessary equipment and supplies. (Counts as Small Backpack.)
  • First Accessory: Geiger Counter
  • Second Accessory: Scanner
  • Other: An old golden watch, its battery long expired. Scratched and dented, it serves no purpose aside from sentimental value.

Defect of the Character: Kaui is a man debilitated by madness. As likely to strike up a friendly conversation with a feral Mole-Rat as he is to stab it, William's perception of the world is warped, his conciousness still half-convinced the Great War never occurred to begin with.

Aspirations: Kaui longs to teach again. He desires to find a place where he can share his knowledge with prospective students once more.

Other details: Eccentric, but professional, Kaui loves nothing more than an intellectual discussion...even if it is one-sided. While slow to anger, William's abhors profanity, and is wont to chastise those who use it in his presence.

Background story: Dr. Kaui Williams was always an eccentric man. A professor in botany at the local University, William's enjoyed high professional regard and praise. Though his discoveries were often incidental, a quick mind, a quicker tongue, and just a pinch of luck were enough to elevate him to scholarly esteem respected even on the mainland. However, as the bombs fell, leveling his home, his beloved university, his accomplishments crumbled into nothingness just as swiftly as the society that had awarded them to him.

Whether by the true gravity of this reality, or by the radiation rapidly poisoning his form, William's mind shattered in the aftermath of the blasts. He, however, always persisted, making due with what little remained of his research, moving to a new home after his last crumbled away, and doing what little he could to tend to the new inhabitants of the wasteland.

Quick to a laugh, and prone to boast, Dr. Williams continues, as he always has. His wanderings have taken him across the islands many times over, an annoyance to some, a pity to others, and an ally to the rest. Though it is unlikely his mind will ever find peace, he lives in the current age as he did in the past, offbeat and eccentric, but always a steadfast teacher and friend.
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Kaui Williams

Kaui Williams

Posts : 6
Join date : 2018-02-07

Character Screen
Level: 2
Health Points:
96/96  (96/96)
280/500  (280/500)

PostSubject: Re: Kaui Williams   Fri Mar 02 2018, 08:18

Sheet changes:

Level 1 -> Level 2
+7 Points Speech
+3 Points Science
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PostSubject: Re: Kaui Williams   Sat Mar 03 2018, 11:10

Character updated.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaui Williams   

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Kaui Williams
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