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 Prospector Armor

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PostSubject: Prospector Armor   Prospector Armor EmptyTue Nov 14 2017, 23:44

Prospectors are people who travel the ruins of the Old World in the search of technological treasures or clues that will lead them to non contaminated and untouched lands. Some of them become crazy searching for a treasure that doesn’t exist or was found years ago, others are lucky and find something that allows them to live richly until the day of their deaths. Their armors are light, designed to allow them to crawl and enter in tiny or hard to reach spaces.

Prospector Armor 13626593_1040110099407793_1209409504579018471_n

• Protection against melee and unarmed weapons: 5 points of damage.
• Protection against ballistic weapons: 5 points of damage.
• Protection against energy weapons: 5 points of damage.
• Protection against explosives: Nothing.
• Grants: +5 to all attack dice rolls.  
• Value: 200 Caps.
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Prospector Armor
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