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Fallout Roleplaying Forum set 250 years after the Great-War on the Post-Apocalyptic Hawaii. Will you be able to survive and endure the Hawaiian Wasteland?
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 How to start roleplaying!

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How to start roleplaying! Empty
PostSubject: How to start roleplaying!   How to start roleplaying! EmptyThu Nov 23 2017, 01:00

Welcome future wastelander of Hawaii. After registering the first thing you have to do is coming here to learn how to play.

First of all: Read the lore and history of the Hawaiian Wasteland here: https://fallout-nukaloha.forumotion.com/t5-story-of-the-hawaiian-wasteland

Next you should look at the timeline to understand when and were the different factions of the wasteland appeared and how their actions shaped the post-nuclear Hawaiian archipelago

Before the War: https://fallout-nukaloha.forumotion.com/t6-timeline-before-the-war
The Great War: https://fallout-nukaloha.forumotion.com/t10-timeline-the-great-war
The first 100 years: https://fallout-nukaloha.forumotion.com/t11-timeline-the-first-100-years
Birth and Death of a Nation: https://fallout-nukaloha.forumotion.com/t12-timeline-birth-and-death-of-a-nation
Last Years: https://fallout-nukaloha.forumotion.com/t13-timeline-last-years
Present and Future: https://fallout-nukaloha.forumotion.com/t14-timeline-present-and-future

Afterwards you can also check the other threads to understand more about the different factions, the weather effects, weapon conditions, vehicles of the wasteland and other lore tidbits.

You also have to read and agree with the Forum's rules located in here: https://fallout-nukaloha.forumotion.com/t7-fallout-nukaloha-s-rules

If you have managed to do all of these steps then congratulations! You are really close to being another Fallout Nukaloha player!

The next step is writing a presentation here: https://fallout-nukaloha.forumotion.com/f7-presentations-and-absences
Presentations are helpful to making yourself well known and to steadily start roleplaying.

With your presentation done your last step is creating your own unique character, here is all the neccesary information about how to make your character: https://fallout-nukaloha.forumotion.com/f8-character-sheets

If everything in your character sheet is correct then an administrator will accept it, give you your starting gear and caps and help you start with your first roleplay.

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How to start roleplaying!
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