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Fallout Roleplaying Forum set 250 years after the Great-War on the Post-Apocalyptic Hawaii. Will you be able to survive and endure the Hawaiian Wasteland?
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 Fallout Nukaloha's Discord Channel

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PostSubject: Fallout Nukaloha's Discord Channel   Fallout Nukaloha's Discord Channel EmptyWed Nov 29 2017, 12:31

Discord is a popular service to chat and have conversations in real life with dozens of people. You can share music videos and much more. Here is Fallout Nukahola's discord channel: https://discord.gg/RqtCtRU

By following this link you will be able to enter on the chat room or if you aren't registered you will be guided towards registration, it is very easy and completely free!

Despite being the forum's chatroom speaking about other topics that aren't fallout is completely allowed. The discord chat will not be as strict as the rest of the forum so sharing memes, speaking with incorrect grammar and other things that are frowned upon here are accepted there.

Join in and come have fun and nonsensical conversations!

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Fallout Nukaloha's Discord Channel
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