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 .308 Hunting Rifle

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.308 Hunting Rifle Empty
PostSubject: .308 Hunting Rifle   .308 Hunting Rifle EmptyThu Nov 30 2017, 14:14

Ah, the rifle of the kill. This massively popular rifle is long ranged, adaptable, and powerful. One shot with this thing and it will take anything short of a deathclaw to the floor; maybe not kill it, but it won't be walking for a long while. It was designed to be modifiable. Scope, no scope, holographic site, ACOG scope, bayonet, extended magazine, you name it and it will be a breeze to hook up to this weapon.  Bolt-action, meaning it won't do you any favors if you've got a couple hundred pounds of mutant on your ass. It excels at long range, the farther away you are, the more room it has to shine.

It's great against humans and beasts, and even robots if you've got the right type of ammo.

.308 Hunting Rifle Bc4d671f3d3d14aef6f890d430a7bb6c--ruger-american-predator-ruger-american-rifle

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.308 Hunting Rifle
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