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 Quest rewards

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PostSubject: Quest rewards   Quest rewards EmptySun Sep 17 2017, 09:09

Each time the players finishes a quest they will have to send a message to a Moderator so it can close the thread. After being closed the adventure will be read and analysed in a period of at most 48 hours. After being thoroughly analysed the Moderator will issue a reward to each player.

The received reward will be bigger or smaller depending on several factors:

• Participation: The more you play and write the better. You don't have to be always writing and blocking other players from playing thought, everybody should have its chance of being under the spotlight.

• Write once, check twice: This might sound weird, but a lot of times our minds are way faster than our hands. If after writing we check our text we will discover many mistakes that we might not have seen. It's better to take some more minutes to check for errors than to see how bad is your text and then edit it all. Editing a text a lot of times will ultimately be penalised.

• Creativity: If you are original and do interesting plot twists or add surprises as the quest goes on you will end making the adventure thrilling and make the rest of the players want to participate more. This will be greatly rewarded.

• Use synonyms and adjectives: If you want to write an action or a scene that you can perfectly visualise on your head you can do it on two ways; simplified and monotonous or lengthy and entertaining to read. You don't have to abuse and explain every last detail of everything, but if you are not descriptive people might take advantage of you. Any detail not stated on a description can be later altered by anybody. If you for example want to have a heat resistant rope but don't state it then anybody with a flame weapon might burn it, no amount of complaining or whining will change that.

• Don't write wall of texts: It is asked for a minimum of three paragraphs in each answer but people don't have to go way overboard. If you some day feel really inspired and write an exceptionally long answer then its fine and even encouraged, but if you write a complete wall of text other players might be discouraged from reading it all and lose their motivation to participate.

• Add Images: Regardless of how good are your descriptions if you add images then it will be easier to immerse on the developing roleplay.  

• Humility: The Post-Nuclear world is very dangerous and lethal. You will be wounded and defeated on more than one occasion, but don't worry, that's fine. You don't have to be like an anime character that no matter how bad they are beaten down can always stand up and continue fighting; that would ultimately make people angry and the currently developing quest unrealistic and angry. This is a roleplaying game set in a world burned by nuclear fire, a world where food and water are scarce and in which people kill each other on a daily basis. Your characters will suffer traumatic experiences, inhuman tortures and the deaths of friends and families... all these things might break their minds and plunge them into complete insanity. I'm not asking your character to be a complete wretch either, your characters might be lucky and end up living with wealth and power.
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Quest rewards
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