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 A mutant named: Tree

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A mutant named: Tree Empty
PostSubject: A mutant named: Tree   A mutant named: Tree EmptyTue Nov 28 2017, 18:58

Name: Tree

Age: Unknown.

Race: Super-Mutant

Gender: Male

Karma: Good

Faction: Wildcard



Strength: 14
Perception: 4
Endurance: 10
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 3
Agility: 3
Luck: 3

Level: 1

Each STR points will also give +1 to these dice rolls.
   Strong Arm: You get a +10 to all dice rolls related to attacking with melee weapons.
"@ Overseer : Tree, you can take the Hide of Scars racial perk and say that its a mutation that gives you a tree bark like skin"
Hide of Scars(bark like skin): The first level halves all the damage taken from Melee weapons,
Height: 11ft

Weight: 950lb

Body type: Muscular

Hair style: What hair?

Eyes: Brown normalish looking eye.

Skin color: Grey'ish greenish, pretty dirty

Other: Tattoo on his chest that Looks like a tree.

Psychical Description: Not a very smart but enjoy's "nature" not as we no it today tho. He enjoys all the destroyed tree's and dead looking bushes. He is kind except when it comes to some one being hostile or rude to him or his allies.

Inventory: If a mod wants to roll this go ahead but I would like to start with a tree trunk & just a pair of pants. He dosnt like shirts because they cover his Tattoo on his chest.

Defect of the Character:  Refuses to wear anything over his chest.

Aspirations: To have a house in a middle of dead tree's and to live somewhat peacfully there.

Other details: He likes kind and freindly people, anyone that just say's hello in a freidly manner he considers a freind wether there intetions good or bad. If they betray that He will consider them hostile. If they are rude or call him "Dumb" or "Ugly" He will think they are mean and just ignore them untill they take a hostile action. Tho he will not enjoy there company. If they persit and torment him he will turn.

Background story:Tree used to be a naturist before the great war, Always hiking in the woods and trying to escape the city life as much as possable. He got diped in FEV in 2085, He was kidnaped from a smallish settelment. A few years passed he got fed up with  his fellow super mutants and abondend them after getting made fun of for liking tree's and being kind.
He wandered the wastes for a while after that. A year or so into his journy he found a ghoul for a freind. They had a pretty easy going time for a few years, the Ghoul used to run a tatto shop seeing as Tree liked tree's so much he tattod a large tree on his chest. Tree loved this. He dicided that he would always protect the small ghoul. One day wondering the waste's looking for there next meal from a settlement or radstag, they were ambused by raider's The ghould had a gun with only a few bullets that didnt do much. Tree didnt have a weapon but there was a tree near by he grabed it an pulled it out of the gournd in a rage killing the raiders. When he went to see how his ghoul freind was doing he was shot in the gut and didnt make it. From that day on Tree always carried a tree trunk with him as a weapon never to be caught off gaurd.

Name before getting Diped in FEV: Keith.
Timeline for Tree:
Oct,23,2077: Was Out of the city hiking in the woods when he heard explosions and other war like activites, Made his way to the edge of the town to see poeple going mad. He find's someone and asks him what's going on they tell him what has happend.

Oct,25,2077: Took a few days to walk home in order not to go thristy he drank from clean rivers that he knew of or abondonded cornor stores and a bit of small things to keep him self from going hungry. At his house it was already raided not much left in it. Mostly cloths. He decided that he could live in nature he pretty much lived there already.

Nov,1,2077: He got a small encampment set up for him self. He had a few snair wires that he took from home to hunt for small game, A small leanto to keep the weather off him & a sleeping bag.

Nov,10,2077: Getting small game wasnt that easy He did see a few deer that he could get for food but he had no way to kill. So that day he get's ready to go into town to find a hunting shop.

Nov,12,2077: When he is in town he meets a lost person not sure what to do just sitting at a bus stop. He tells him that he's heading to a hunting shop to look for a bow & arrows if he wants to come and he has a small camp that he could stay with him for a while. He agrees. He learns his name to be Josh.

Nov, 16, 2077: Tree and his new campmate are getting along quite well. Tree has help Josh get setup with a small leanto of his own and a sleeping bag he got back at the hunting shop.

Nov, 20, 2077: Josh heads into town to look for a few things he does not tell Tree what it is.

Nov, 25, 2077: Josh come back and not alone. There are a dozen if not more poeple.

Dec, 1, 2077: Most of the pople Josh brought back with him are getting set up nicely and are helping around the camp with setting up bigger buildings and hunting and everything. Things stay like this just fine for a few days till raiders find them and attack, A few die.

Dec, 30, 2077: A few days affter mourning and burying  the dead, A few people decided to go into town for and look for weapons.

jan, 1, 2078: Back armed with guns,ammo and supplys for the few poeple in camp they start making makeshift walls and setting up trip wires to be watch out for more raiders... Things went pretty fine from here on out. minus the attacks from raiders the radition and things they cant controll.

Jul, 15, 2085: The camp has grown to a farily good size and Tree decideds he wants to go for a walk one morning hunting for food as he ussaly does. On his hunt he is knocked unconsios by a super mutant.

Jul, 17, 2085: Tree is dipped in fev.

Jul 30, 2085: Tree is now part of the High Evolutionary faction. He becomes very into the dead tree's liking them as he liked alive tree's before he turned.

Aug, 20, 2085: Tree Decideds to leave not liking how the other are treating him. and roams the waste for a few years.

May, 17, 2100: Tree find a ghoul roaming the waste's who is not mean but curius about him. He is very freindly to Tree.

Sept, 9, 2100: The ghoul name is henry, Tree and him get along great.

Dec, 1, 2100: Well wondering trough a town they come across a tattoo shop. Henry tell's tree he used to work at one of these told Tree he could give him a tattoo of a tree on his chest. Tree agreed and decided Henery was his best freind now.

Feb 19, 2155: Tree and Henery have been wondering together along time now. They were wondering down the road laughing about things they seen and done over the years when a group of raiders come out in front of them going to take there stuff. They started shooting, Henery was shoting back. Tree ran and pulled a tree from the ground out of the side of the road in a rage. Tree killed them all. He started laughing about how weak they were when He seen Henry was shot in the chest and dying. Tree stayed with him till his dying moments and then burryed him.

Feb, 20, 2155: Tree not knowing what to do anymore with his freind dead decided never to be caught off gaurd again and to always show what his best freind gave him by never wearing a shirt to cover up the tree tattoo and never sitting the tree trunk down.

March, 10, 2195: Tree learns about Ohana and decideds to stay on the out skirts of town and trying to stay hidden from the people except the kind people who leave the town. He tries to help out who he can when they come out of town.

Oct, 12, 2202: Tree learns about the town recurting a army and for the first time goes into town to join.

Sept, 20, 2206: After the war Tree returned to doing what he was doing before lost for a cause again but being in nature and helping the kind.

2242: Tree helps with clearing out the power plant.

2245-present: Tree helps defend agents the Attacking super mutants and clans and join the second Ohanan war. And just helps out were ever he is needed or wanted. Mostly staying out the outskirts of town.
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A mutant named: Tree Empty
PostSubject: Re: A mutant named: Tree   A mutant named: Tree EmptyThu Nov 30 2017, 06:42

Alright, there are a lot of spelling & grammatical errors. Like, wow. I know you can type and spell well. So before anything, please fix all that. Also, as much as it is appreciated, the timeline isn't needed.
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A mutant named: Tree
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