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 Ronny the Oafish Super Mutant

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PostSubject: Ronny the Oafish Super Mutant   Mon Jan 22 2018, 12:25

Name: Ronny

Age: 47

Race: Super Mutant

Gender: Male

Karma: Good

Faction: Wildcard (ex-High Evolutionary)

Reputation: N/A


Strength: 13
Perception: 1
Endurance: 11
Charisma: 1
Intelligence: 4
Agility: 6
Luck: 4

Level: 1


  • Unstoppable: LV1 - Your melee and hand to hand attacks ignore light armor.
  • Experience Gainer: LV1 - You get a 10% bonus to all XP earned.

Height: 7’ 5”

Weight: 314 lbs

Body Type: Muscular, ripped, jacked, bulky

Hair Style: Bald

Eyes: Yellow with touches of red

Skin Color: Green

Other: N/A


Psychological Description: Ronny is a gentle and kind Super Mutant. He cares about all people and doesn’t really like violence. He values friendship and companionship and will do anything to protect those he cares about, even resort to violence. He’s extremely self-conscious due to his looks and because he’s aware of the power he’s capable of and doesn’t wish to destroy anything or harm anyone. Ronny is a depressed personality because he’s often rejected by people and towns due to his appearance, but wishes to be accepted and to help others.


  • Main Weapon: Sledgehammer
  • Secondary Weapon:
  • Helmet: None
  • Mask: None
  • Goggles: None
  • Clothes: Some pants and a small, worn, and battered brown cloak
  • Armor: Barbarian Armor
  • Backpack: Small Backpack
  • First Accessory: Portable Radio
  • Second Accessory: Blowtorch
  • Other: Extra batteries for radio

Defect of the Character: Ronny is not the brightest tool in the shed and, as a result, is gullible and far too trusting of others. He wishes to see the good in everyone. These traits often put him in dangerous positions where are want to hurt him. Aside from that he has depressive thoughts and is no conversationalist. He struggles to communicate with others. He also cannot use any sort of stealth due to his size and lack of perception and awareness. Ronny is often clumsy.

Aspirations: To be liked and accepted by the people in a town or village so that he can settle down and help the settlement thrive.

Other Details: Ronny has a fascination with pre-war music and enjoys listening to it most of the time. He found a radio that he keeps with him at all times specifically for this purpose. Carrying extra batteries with him, he plays the music constantly as it helps keep him at a baseline emotionally, distracting him from his depressive thoughts.

Background Story: Ronny was a member of a small tribe on the island of Hawaii. He was a nice enough fellow and did his part for the tribe. When the High Evolutionary came to kidnap members of his tribe, Ronny was one of the unfortunate members selected. After being taken to The Fortress, the members of the High Evolutionary injected their prisoners with the FEV to evolve them into more soldiers for Kunuilakea. Most became horribly deformed and did not survive the transformation. Ronny survived, but did not evolve correctly.

Ronny’s physical appearance was that of a perfectly evolved Super Mutant; however, the transformation degraded his mental and emotional state. His intelligence and maturity regressed and he was left with the mind of a 12 year old child. This soon became apparent to the officers of the High Evolutionary. In battle, Ronny refused to fight and would cower instead, finding a safe place to hide until the battle was over. For this, he was punished by the generals of the High Evolutionary.

Eventually, Ronny came to resent the High Evolutionary due to the punishment and their cruel and malicious ways. During one battle, Ronny managed to run away and escape. No one would look for him as he was useless as a soldier. After fleeing the warzone, Ronny ran and ran until he could barely hear the gunshots and explosions. He found himself in a small town and made his way into a store where he came upon a small radio. He turned it on and fell in love with the sounds that emanated from it.

Unfortunately for Ronny, the music that came from the radio alerted the shop owner of his presence. He came downstairs to find a giant green Super Mutant in his store. The owner threatened violence against Ronny and alerted the other townsfolk as well. Together, they chased Ronny out of town and so began a relentless cycle in Ronny’s life. Everywhere he traveled he meant no harm, but he was always chased away or harmed by the citizens of the towns he traveled to.

Ronny was shunned away and left to roam the Hawaiian wasteland with only his radio to keep him company. Deep down, Ronny wishes he could belong somewhere and will do whatever it takes to become accepted.
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Posts : 19
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Character Screen
Level: 2
Health Points:
227/227  (227/227)
310/500  (310/500)

PostSubject: Re: Ronny the Oafish Super Mutant   Fri Mar 02 2018, 06:38

Level 1 -> Level 2:
10 Skill points to Melee Weapons
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PostSubject: Re: Ronny the Oafish Super Mutant   Sat Mar 03 2018, 11:12

Character updated.
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PostSubject: Re: Ronny the Oafish Super Mutant   

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Ronny the Oafish Super Mutant
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