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 Single-Shot Shotgun

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PostSubject: Single-Shot Shotgun   Thu Nov 30 2017, 13:47

Small, powerful, and reliable, the single shot shotgun isn't as flashy or heavy as it's bigger brothers, but it can get the job in a pinch. A favorite of those in the western continental United States, this versatile shotgun uses 20 gauge rounds. As the name says, only one round can be loaded at a time, making it much quicker to reload than any other shotgun. Because of the one shell, it is much more precise than it's brothers but the it also means that you have one shot to make it count if you're staring down a mutalligator. It's light frame makes it easy to carry and despite it being only 20 gauge, the concentrated fire means it can pack quite the punch.

Weapon Stats:

Weapon's Dice Roll Tables:
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Single-Shot Shotgun
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