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 Son of Kanaloa Heavy Gunner Armor

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PostSubject: Son of Kanaloa Heavy Gunner Armor   Thu Dec 07 2017, 15:07

The Son's warriors use old repurposed suits that were originally designed for environmentally hazardous labor. They added several small servos and plaques of metal to the suits to turn them into armors capable of surviving not only harsh and toxic elements usually found in their many factories but also extreme trauma and impacts.

Even if Sons aren't a real nation they consider all their factories and lands as their own territories and even impose their own laws. The Kanaloan forces will go to extreme measures to ensure that their secrets and resources aren't discovered or stolen.

Most of the army of the Sons of Kanaloa is compromised by guard with cattle prods but these Heavy Gunners use super heavy armors that are the top of defense that their factories can produce. These armors aren't for sale to people outside of their faction and their blueprints are a very guarded secret.

  • Protection against melee and unarmed weapons: 25 points of damage.

  • Protection against ballistic weapons: 20 points of damage.

  • Protection against energy weapons: 25 points of damage.

  • Protection against explosives: 10 points of damage.

  • Grants: -4 Radiation Points earned.  

Value: 3500 Caps.
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Son of Kanaloa Heavy Gunner Armor
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