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 David Marsh

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David Marsh

David Marsh

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PostSubject: David Marsh   David Marsh EmptySun Mar 04 2018, 09:27

Name: David Marsh

Age: 27

Race: Psyker

Gender: Male

Karma: Neutral

Faction: Deviants

Reputation: N/A


Strength: 6
Perception: 5
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 9
Agility: 4
Luck: 8

Level: 1


  • Rex Est Luscus
    (You have one good eye that no matter what can never be totally destroyed. Being blind is impossible for you.)

  • Electrokinesis (Rank 1)
    (A mutation that has given you control over electricity. The first level of this perk allows you to overcharge or drain energy weapons. Drained weapons won’t function for two turns; overcharged weapons inflict double damage but risk exploding.)

Height: 6’4

Weight: 160 lbs

Body type: David is a lanky man, with broad shoulders and long arms. He almost has an oddly long torso.

Hair style: David sports an undercut, shaved on both sides.

Eyes: David actually has odd eyes. The irises themselves are a muddy red-brown, and the whites are almost yellowed. It’s slightly jarring, almost amphibian.

Skin color: Marsh’s skin is cold, clammy, and slightly grey.

Image: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/Arkham_Horror/Miskatonic%20Horror/ih-preview/AH_MH_innsmouthlook_cards_eng_1page1.png

Other: David’s chest is covered in scar tissue from a prior run-in with an enclave trooper.

Psychical Description: Marsh is an odd one. Most people can’t pin his personality down in any simple measure. Really he just wants to work, and stay out of fights. Due to his powers and odd appearance, people don’t like him. Because of this he’s developed some tendencies to stay quiet.


  • Main Weapon: A makeshift laser pistol, made out of an old Wattz 1000.
  • Secondary Weapon: A makeshift knife, made from flat steel and a spatula.
  • Helmet: None
  • Mask: A heavy, frayed scarf (makeshift gas mask)
  • Goggles: A pair of ray bans sunglasses
  • Clothes: David wears a pair of scuffed snakeskin boots, washed out and torn jeans, a navy blue button down collared shirt
  • Armor: A buckskin jacket (The jacket counts as a detective duster)
  • Backpack: A small duffel bag
  • First Accessory: Basic repair kit, basically a couple tools and scrap parts bundled away in a rag
  • Second Accessory: none
  • Other: David keeps a small wooden figure on him. An obelisk with a woman protruding from it.

Defect of the Character: Marsh is a coward, truly he is. He’s the one who runs from conflict, or tries his best to try and scare enemies off without having to fight at all. He’s a wreck in conflict, basically only good for his repair skills.

Aspirations: When he was little, David found a flier for a Chryslus blue falcon hover bike. He has wanted to fix one up ever since.

Other details: Marsh knows his way around machines inside and out, and has a way of seeing them in a way most can’t. Besides that he’s actually rather fortunate day to day, almost like the universe is trying to apologize for making him look like a fish

Background story: From a young age Marsh has always been odd. He grew up in the toxic swamps of O’ahu in a Deviant camp. He was born to two psykers that had been kicked out of their village by a raider gang. They were ecstatic when David was born, but quickly picked up on the child’s tendencies. Even as a toddler electronic toys, lights, even robots around him would act up and short out. As he grew older he began to have dreams. It’s not uncommon for non-humans to experience nightmares what with the radiation and FEV messing with them, but David’s were horrible. Great shapes and booming voices spouting nonsense into the void. Those nights that he’d wake up in a cold sweat, speaking in strange tongues even he didn’t recognize, they were the ones that etched themselves into his memory.

His parents tried to assure him that in all likelihood it was nothing more than the radiation messing with him. Plenty of Psykers have their sanity tested due to their mutations. Until one day the nightmares stopped altogether. Now this almost disturbed him more than the dreams themselves. David had no idea when they would stop, or even why they started in the first place. He didn’t sleep all too well, even without the dreams.

Since he couldn’t sleep anyway, he started talking with the Supermutants. To be specific, one of the mechanics that helped maintain the camp. The old mutant took Marsh under his wing for a while, using his abilities to help fix machines and weapons. Things were quiet for a good long time. Of course in the wastes, things don’t go well for very long. By the time Marsh was into his late teens his mutations began to physically surface. They weren’t as blatant as some psykers, no horns or tails, but his eyes became strange.

They began to look akin to a frog’s, or a fish. His frame began to warp as well, becoming oddly long. His chest and ribs expanded out, and his shoulders broadened rapidly. Around his 18th birthday his old tendencies began to pop back up. The nightmares returned, and machines began acting up while he was around. When the mutant mechanic passed, he became one of the handymen of the Deviant camp. The kid was mortified when the mechanic died, killed by a mutaligator while on a scrap run.  David ended up being picked up by some Sons of Kanaloa who were passing by on a fan boat. Their mechanic was killed by another mutaligator, and someone had to fix the engine on the boat. Either because of the loss of his mentor, or out of some sympathy for the Sons, David joined their group. With nothing tying him to the deviants, what with his mentor passing, Marsh thought getting away from the camp could help him find some kind of purpose. Maybe even help with his dreams.

To some extent he was right. Eventually he began to enjoy the traveling, and nearly forgot about missing home, though he found it hard to fall asleep without his own bed. David has been drifting ever since, often landing in hot water because of his mutations. Nevertheless he marches on. Most recently he’d been seen helping some Kanaloa work on their rifles and an old suit of S03-N submersible power armor.
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David Marsh
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