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 Factions of the Wasteland

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PostSubject: Factions of the Wasteland   Tue Oct 17 2017, 03:21

After the apocalypse people ceased to live, to start struggling to survive. To be stronger and have bigger chances at survival several groups started forming as the years passed by.

Factions were born, groups with different ideas, culture, appearance and weaponry that started to settle across different areas as they grew bigger. Hawaii wasn't an exception to this, several factions have formed on its islands, some of them are pacific whereas others strive conflict and fight anything that crosses their paths, some are small and only have a handful of people on them, others count with thousands of persons...

People can be independent and never join a faction but most people, either by necessity, personal decision or obligation end inside of one. Once you are in a Faction it is usually for life albeit there are a few cases were people are exiled or leave their factions by their own choice.

Anybody who becomes notorious enough can attempt to create their own faction, albeit these are usually short lived and quickly decimated by the bigger factions.

Here are the factions that people can join. Click on their names to expand on their information.





Vault Dwellers:

Broken Volts:






High Evolutionary:

Brotherhood of Steel:

Sons of Kanaloa:
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Factions of the Wasteland
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