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 What makes Power Armor unique

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PostSubject: What makes Power Armor unique   Wed Dec 06 2017, 05:10

Power armor is the peak of armored infantry technology, initially developed in the West Tek Research Facility laboratories. This armor must be custom-fitted to the user and is so heavy that it requires internal micro-motors to allow movement. Now, only the most technologically advanced factions with ties to pre-War military or government, such as the Sons of Kanaloa, Brotherhood of Steel or the Enclave, have access to them, and only the latter possesses the technology required to manufacture new power armor models.

Since they aren't simply worn and require of micro-motors and different servos to achieve movement these armors require of a special training to learn how to wear and move with them. Even the act of putting the armor on requires of a rigorous process. Anybody who lacks this training will never be able to move with it.

These armors are also airtight and thick enough to avoid the negative effects of bad weather and of most weapons, whose projectiles and attacks they simply shrug off.

Regular armors can be adapted to fit on Robotic or Super-Mutant bodies but these are more a vehicle than an armor, so they cannot be adapted to them. Robots who possess the Electronic Ghost racial perk can inhabit Power Armor suits thought. The High Evolutionary are working hard on finding a way of adapting these tanking suits or armor to Super-Mutant physiques, with no luck so far.

Power Armors work with Fusion Cores, but for gameplay reasons these won't be used but will nonetheless exist and be mentioned. If someone is using Power Armor and its Fusion Core is stolen then the Power Armor will eject the User, if the Fusion Core is sabotaged or destroyed during combat then it will do a Mini-Nuke explosion and destroy the armor and the user.

During a combat if you are using a small weapon against and attain a 100 or more during your attacking dice roll then the attack will hit the Power Armor in a critical point and force a reboot, ejecting the user and becoming unusable for 2 turns. There are other weapons that are considered as Big Weapons or Armor Busters, with a 100 or more these weapons destroy the Power Armor and do some small damage to the users inside.

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What makes Power Armor unique
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