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 Items of a Forgotten Past [Benji Dovanic-CLOSED]

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Benji Dovanic

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PostSubject: Items of a Forgotten Past [Benji Dovanic-CLOSED]   Wed Nov 29 2017, 07:01

I awoke with a clouded mind, washed ashore the beaches of Maui. I sit up to gather my thoughts, eyes closed. My head pounds, and as I reach to the top of my head I feel a shaved patch of hair, and on it, a long scar. I can barely open my eyes, it feels like I haven't seen the sun in ages. I'll lay back down for a moment, and keep my eyes shut, until this throbbing stops. I hear a strong high pitched ring in my ears, the pain is unbearable. Suddenly, faint memories flash before me, I hear painful screams, and see quick flashes of figures. I jump awake, frightened. I must have had an episode, the sun is setting. I've been out for hours. I look around me, still sitting, my legs are weak. I can see the stock of my Sniper Rifle poking out of the sand, after careful examination I notice it is broken beyond my ability to repair. My T-45 Helmet lays there, filthy from the sand. It, too, is beyond repair. I can still use it for protection against the harsh weather. My bag remains in tact. In it, a Med-kit, portable campfire, silenced 9mm pistol, and a primitive knife. Useful. I gather my things, holster my pistol and knife, and strapped my broken rifle to my back. While equipping my helmet, I notice a stream of smoke in the distance. Slowly, I begin to stand. I need to find out what happened. It's eating away at me. My headache is gone, but the ringing in my ears...it won't stop. I can hear it, faintly, like a plane flying in the distance.

It's getting dark, I need to get moving. Not a good time to set up camp here. I'll head towards the stream of smoke in the distance. It will be safest to follow the shore. I need to find answers, I need to know what happened. The last memory I have, I was hunting for food. How long ago was that? years? months? My head starts to pound again, the ringing gets louder. I pause a moment to calm myself down. These questions, though important, have to wait. There are more pressing matters at hand. My T-45 Helmet and Silenced Sniper are broken, I have to choose one to repair for the time being. I have two weapons already, though not much, they will suffice. I am wearing nothing but leather armor and a hooded poncho, I'll need the armor protection of my helmet. It offers nothing but weather resistance in this state. I will continue to walk towards the stream of smoke, barely visible at this point, but I'll follow the coast to be safe. Hopefully I can gather supplies, or find a workshop to help repair my helmet. I'll keep my eyes peeled for buried junk on the way. Anything helps.

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PostSubject: Re: Items of a Forgotten Past [Benji Dovanic-CLOSED]   Thu Nov 30 2017, 04:01

It was a warm evening, the sun seemed like it had only a few more hours until the dark night engulfed the entire island. The beach was pretty clean, it could even have passed as a touristic place for Pre-War posh individuals. Only a few small items could be found on the sand; bolts, caps and a some bullets here and there but nothing really handy or big.

As you walked closer to the source of the smoke you also perceived a wooden guard tower with the words "LIFEGUARD" writen with black paint across its frame. The current sun's position made impossible to see if there was anybody in there, looking slightly upwards completely blinded you.

Continuing towards the source of black smoke or ascending towards the lifeguard tower was a choice you had to do now.
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Items of a Forgotten Past [Benji Dovanic-CLOSED]
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