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Radioactive Deserts

When the nuclear bombs came they scorched the soil, in some cases literally. With the fire came a destabilisation of the climate and biosphere and what once were regular grasslands or forests suddenly turned into radiation filled deserts, entire areas devoid of water or life, places where the heat was so big that the ground was vitrified into glass. Most of the American Wasteland suffered of this fate and Hawaii wasn't an exception, with currently only a few areas managing to retain a minimum of plant life. In these deserts one can find mutate insects like Radscorpions or Giant Ants.
11Information about the Rad...
Fri Oct 27 2017, 04:19
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Toxic Swamplands

After the war came a black rain filled with soot, and as the time passed more pollution and acid filled rain. In some places this rain became more prevalent and mixed with a mutating vegetation ended creating pocket swamps were frogs and reptiles have mutated and turned into savage beasts with a taste for human meat. While extremely dangerous for regular humans many Ghouls have made of these radiation filled places their homes.
223House Hunting [Kip Weston...
Tue Dec 12 2017, 06:05
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Hi'iaka Systems

Hi'iaka Systems were a Pre-War company that focused on scientific research, specially on life extending and cloning technologies. They were a small yet innovative business who worked for the few rich individuals that could afford it. One of their biggest projects was working for Vault-Tec in the creation of the Cloning Labs and machinery used in Vault 108, in this secretive project Hi'iaka Systems didn't ask for money but for a favor, having an underground Vault built under their laboratories, a bunker with enough space to move all their scientific equipment and workers for when the bombs came. Even if they were targeted and bombarded thanks to this secret miniature Vault they managed to survive and continued working on their experiments, this time unhindered by moral or governmental laws. In the present anybody who gets too close to their badly damaged laboratories is targeted by laser turrets and driven away, something that has made people think of them as boogeymen or urban legends, nobody truly knows if they exist or what are they up to but some individuals, apparently chosen at random have found themselves waking up in the middle of nowhere after being killed, their wounds and even missing body parts completely healed and in one of their pockets a cryptic message.
11Information about Hi'iaka...
Fri Oct 27 2017, 00:32
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Rainbow Jack's Radio Shack

If one has a Radio it can tune it to several channels but these are channels mostly filled with static noise or SOS messages sent by wastelanders, Rainbow Jack's Radio Shack is the only Radio Station that emits in the Hawaiian Wasteland. It emits music from before the war during all day, nobody knows for sure who Rainbow Jack is and what's his motivation but people from all around the wasteland are glad of the music that he brings, for it makes their lives more entertaining and less grim. Even if its Radio Station is easy to find nobody has been able to breach inside so far, the only entrance door is heavily chained and filled with locks and any attempt at violating these locks have ended with violent deaths, as Jack can use its radio to send a frequency that frenzies and attracts any mutant critter or Feral Ghoul. Many wastelanders have found Holotapes with Pre-War music during their travels, if you happen to find one by chance you can either keep it to yourself or deliver it to Rainbow Jack either by drone or in person, placing it on the mailbox next to his station. After doing so Jack will gladly pay you with caps or resources, who will appear in front of your safehouse or be personally delivered to you after a couple of days.
11Information about Rainbow...
Fri Oct 27 2017, 09:17
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On the hills and mountains of Oahu several small farms have been formed, places where people farm vegetables and fruits or breed cattle. They are vital for the island for they feed most of the citizens of Oahu. Usually one single family manages each farmstead but people from around it can travel in there to work or aid in anything that requires help. Since they have cattle and food they are also targeted by animals or raiders so they might require protection from time to time.
225The Farmers Daughter [Mur...
Thu Dec 28 2017, 03:55
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Small Settlements

There are many small settlements dotted around the island of Oahu, some of these were founded before the war and have been resettled years after the nuclear apocalypse but a few others have been founded as the years passed. Regardless of its origin these small villages always offer a nursery, shop and a place to rest.
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Sat Oct 28 2017, 05:45
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An underground spider web composed of an unknown number of sewers, civilian or military tunnels and natural caverns that connect all of the island and its many settlements or areas. Even if entire societies have formed down there it is a pretty dangerous and hostile place; some areas are so deep that one can even find lava rivers, some more shallow areas are completely inundated with radioactive waters and a few others have become the lair of mutant creatures or raider groups.
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Sat Oct 28 2017, 05:47
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The Beaches of Oahu are filled with debris; shipwrecked ships, submarines and even planes. The lack of humans have turned most of the coast into the perfect ecosystem for Mirelurks and other mutant abominations that have turned these once idyllic and touristic places into their personal hive and breeding grounds. The presence of these Mirelurks have turned the beaches into a dangerous to traverse area but still from time to time hunters or treasure seekers enter in there to cull the Mirelurk population to avoid them from becoming too numerous or into the derelict ships and planes to search for Pre-War relics.
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Fri Oct 27 2017, 00:49
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